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Mighty, mighty American

28 Feb

OK, so I don’t write every thing on my bucket list down here but it has always been on my bucket list to go to a Monster Truck Rally.  There just seems to be something so American about going to see over sized trucks jump dirt ramps and smash old cars.  It was just as amazing as I could have imagined and if you want a photo review of why it is so amazing, then you’ve come to the right place.  Enjoy!

Naturally, going with three of my best friends made it ten times better 🙂

We had pit passes but missed out because they started so early.  There is also an hour gap between the pits and the actual show so we decided to just make it to the show.

There are some die hard fans in the audience.  Here are some Gravedigger fans.

The set up.  In between the truck racing was quad racing which was pretty awesome as well.  Also, by the end this course got destroyed – it was so awesome!

The first half of the show was truck racing time trials, one on one.  These things haullll.

Painted flames on dirt haha.

Chelsea enjoying the warm box we had.  It was a cold night so thankfully we could stay warm.

Emily and I were at the windows just jumping up and down and screaming.  It was pretty amazing.

I don’t think smoke is a good sign.

Nope, not a good sign.

You could also watch interviews and close ups on the big screen.

I personally liked the Tasmanian Devil.  Not only was the truck bad-ass but it was the only machine with a girl driver.  She didn’t do well in the time trials but in the free style event, she was AWESOME!

There were a lot of close races.


Metal Mullisha took the time trial race.  Here’s the driver being interviewed.  I thought all of this was staged but apparently it’s not!


Then the driver came in the stands and hung out with the fans.

Then the tractors all came out to set up for the Freestyle event… by far my favorite.  The tractors pushed these cars around like it was nothing.

After the set up, the drivers and their coaches or whoever get to come out on the course and map out a run for their freestyle.

Free style!

Ice Cream Man stomping.

The judges scoring old school style.  So awesome.

Tasmanian Devil!

Almost vertical.

I love the paint job with the teeth on this truck haha

Snorting smoke.

My personal favorite was when the trucks would roll.  I don’t know why.  Thank goodness no one got hurt, these machines are so strong but a lot of them would lose traction and just roll over.

When they rolled, they would get a tractor with a pulley that they’d attach to the bottom frame of the truck and then pull it back up.

Another roll but I liked this picture because of the driver coming out so triumphant.  This was the entire vibe of the event.  It was AWESOME when a truck rolled!

Huge air.

Free style winner, Maximum Destruction!

Maximum Destruction is the only truck that did a FULL roll landing back right side up and kept going.  Full amazement.


And of course I couldn’t post without showing the crowd favorite, Grave Digger.

Although, Grave Digger went for it right away and rolled quickly disqualifying himself.

After the rally, the crew takes all of the wheels off of the trucks and puts them in their own trailer.  The body and wheels travel separately (at least as far as I’m aware of) to the next stop.


We went to the Monster Jam at Oracle Arena in Oakland this past Saturday (Feb 25) but they are on tour and if you want to see this pure machinery fun for yourself you can check out where here.