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Photographs, Portrait Practice, and Photoshop

21 Dec

Two weekends ago one of my greatest friends and fellow bloggers, Amanda, came down to San Francisco to spend the day eating honey sticks and photographing the city with me.  We cruised the Farmer’s Market, caught up on life and shared photo tips.  She has been taking photo classes and has so much knowledge to share, it’s so fun to be able to hang out with a great friend that we share so many common interests.  You could say we photo-geeked out together but it was an awesome day with her and I can’t wait to do it again!

I’ll start with some of my Ferry Building shots I snapped and you can also see her post about our day here!  Enjoy 🙂

I do love taking photos of the Bay Bridge.

We loved this artichoke flower!

They have no fear in cities.

We bought a few of these and ate them out on the Pier together.  It’s so fun to enjoy the company of a great friend while indulging in a little sugar 🙂

I’ve actually figured out something really interesting I want to do with this photo and will do a tutorial on it soon!  I think it’s going to make a great wall art piece!

There are still vibrant flowers to be found this time of year!

Beautiful feather filled ornaments and a great, simple craft!  Next year, hopefully I’ll have enough space for a tree and I’d like to make all my own ornaments to accompany all of my “special” ornaments received from family and friends throughout the years.

I love all of the Olive Oil tastings.

Fresh and rather large scones.

The most expensive truffle’s I’ve ever seen : )

A mushroom only stand!  Every type of edible fungi you could imagine is located in San Francisco’s Ferry Building.

I’ve never seen more decadent donuts!

Me and Amanda 🙂

Then we went out on Pier 7 to work on shooting portraits.  It’s one of the hardest areas of photography to work on due to what natural lighting is supposed to look like but it was fun to work on with our fellow artist 🙂  I personally love this blown out light on Amanda.  It’s not natural to be that bright but I think it makes her glow.

Amanda 🙂

The beautiful purse Amanda has here is actually a camera bag!!  Can you believe it??  It’s adorable and padded with perfect compartments for camera bodies and lenses.  Definitely a good investment for a photographer!

We both have Canons so it was fun to compare tips and photo ideas.

All photos of me, courtesy of Amanda 🙂  She was showing me how this is the ideal portrait lighting because it’s the most natural and I completely agree.  It’s not blown out light like how I thought I liked portraits.  We had to make shift these though by leaning against a pole (in the right of the frame) to get the shading on us.

I had rented a lens for my concerts so we played around a lot with the L series lens (1.4f 35mm).

She’s talented and pretty, too 🙂  Definitely check her blog for good crafts!

Now for some photoshop fixers!  You know those blown out pictures that I like so much?  Or get a photo you like but it’s blurry?  Well photoshop can change them with the addition of a few key filters!

No filter

Filter – Sketch>Halftone Pattern.  It brings a much more artistic feel to the photo.

No filter and blurry

Filter – Sketch > Conte

I think these are good filters for more artistic shoots.  I don’t use photoshop much but I have it in the case that I don’t LOVE all the photos I shoot for someone.  You can put a few filters or make a photo black and white to bring more emotions to a photo.

Whatever you are taking photos for or working towards, it’s important to always be practicing and trying to hone your skills.  It’s great to be able to get with other photographers or people in your trade to practice as well because you can constantly be bouncing ideas off of one another.  This was a very fun day full of laughs, good conversation and of course photos galore 🙂

What to do on a sunny day in San Fran

16 Jun

With no Spring to ever really arrive, Summer has hit us full force!  Yesterday and today have been so warm in San Francisco hitting close to 80 degrees.  So what is the best thing to do when you get good weather in San Francisco?? Enjoy it!!

I went for a stroll all along the Embarcadero and explored the area around one of the most romantic pieces in San Francisco (one of my favorites), Cupid’s Span.  Here are the photos:

One of the best view of the bay bridge you can get comes from the end of Pier 14.

Walking out to the end of the pier.

A view of the Ferry Building from out on Pier 14.

Bring your lunch!  You can sit in one of the many swivel stools and soak in all the amazing sites to be seen here.

The end of Pier 14.  People are fishing, shooting photos and enjoying this scenic area.

Another view back from the pier.

A view of Cupid’s Span from the pier!

LOVE this piece.

Two of my favorites… The Bay Bridge and Cupid’s Span.

And of course, if you are going to be on the Embarcadero you can’t forget to visit the Ferry Building.  It’s overpriced but has some amazing food spots.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, there is an amazing Farmer’s Market at the Ferry Building where all of the local produce is sold.  It’s cash only but there are ATM’s all around the Ferry Building.