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My Saturday ride

18 Sep

I hadn’t been to the barn in about two weeks with all the wedding festivities so yesterday was my first day back and wow did it feel good to get back in the saddle.  I’m feeling the soreness today though.  You forget how many muscles you use riding (even though many who do NOT ride, beg to differ).  Today my back, shoulders, thighs and more are feeling the burn.  Above is a mare from my barn who I rode yesterday.  I took her out on the trail first to just get out of the arena.  If you ride dressage you know how much time you spend in a dressage court and how nice it can be to get out sometimes.  I’m spending today lounging and recovering but I’ll be back in the saddle on Tuesday 🙂  I’ll try to take some more photos then of the horses.  They are the most beautiful animal, I just can’t get enough.

Stories and captions to come!

3 May

Wow, what can I say except for life has been flying by lately.  I have been sadly too busy to update this every night but am back in action :)!  Last weekend was full of fun and adventure as is always when I have my funner, if that’s even a word, half by my side.  Ian has been here for a week now and I’m loving every second of it!  We have been making the most of our time together and here are some photos to document our adventures.

We took the Richmond bridge over to Stinson beach on Saturday to hang with Ian’s cousins which was a blast.  The weather couldn’t have been better and I love getting to go to the beach whenever possible.

Cruising in Ian’s car with the top off.  His car is so fun and the fact that it’s a convertible just ads to the amazing summer feeling.

The view of Stinson Beach coming down from HWY 1.  I actually have many of this same photo from all of the drives he and I have taken together on this amazing coastal highway.

One of the cute shops on the strip right in front of the beach.  I just love all the fun decorations in beach towns 🙂

Walking down to the beach.

Here are Ian’s cousins Jamie and Damon playing frisbee.

Here are Ian’s cousins Courtney and Jamie as we are about to BBQ.  It was so nice getting to catch up with them and enjoy the sunshine together!

Damon, the master barbeque cook!  Funny story, this flame actually singed the hairs on Ian’s stomach in an instant.   He was trying to cook a hot dog and the flame just caught his hairs with the wind.

On Sunday, I had a horse show with little Zing.  The weather was unbelievably warm on this day.

This was one of our two tests that we rode.

Here we are finished walking out of the arena.  He was quite the naughty horse in this show.  He behaved himself really well but just pooped out in the heat.  We have to work on building a little more endurance for the next one.

Here are Maggie and Jamie from my barn.  They are two amazing riders and are always so helpful!  Don’t know what I’d do without such great friends in my horse world 🙂

I was definitely a tad sweaty after our rides but so happy to have Ian, my parents and my friends at the show!

My parents also endured the heat to watch the show 🙂

Afterward being in the sun all morning at the horse show we decided to relax by my parents pool.  Of course the dogs wanted to join, too.

My sanity :)

23 Mar

One of the main reasons why I wanted to start blogging was because I wanted to share my love for my only hobby that I’ve had from the womb… horses.  I don’t know where it came from since no one in my family shares my love for this phenomenal animal.  My baby blanket had horses on it, I always waned to go on pony rides as a toddler, asked for lessons as a young girl, and started training consistently in my teens.  I always hear, “there is something about girls and horses…” and I don’t exactly know how to explain what that means but I believe in it with all of my heart.  There is something so insane about the human animal connection that can be formed.

A horse I have been working with for the past few months is a horse named Zinger.  I am working him/selling him for a woman and I absolutely adore him.  I have been training him in Dressage and wanted to share some Dressage photos with the blogging world.  It’s an Olympic sport and definitely not as easy at it looks!

This is one of my absolute favorite photos I took of Zinger.  You can really see his cute demeanor and the dressage court we train in, in the background.  So much personality in this guy, I love it.

This is us training for Second level which we will be showing this year.  He is a very quick learner and has progressed so well throughout our training process.

I LOVE this photo.  My mom helped me take some of these photos with my camera so I could make Zinger a new Ad. and she did such a great job.

And last but not least, this is us.  No matter how hard of a time we can have on some training days, we always end well 🙂