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Scooter Date in Berkeley, CA!

9 Nov

Since last weekend was Ian’s last full weekend in the bay area before he’s off this coming weekend to start his snowboarding season, we decided that on Sunday we would go to Berkeley to use these Groupon‘s we got (which is one of the best fun creating websites) that allowed us to rent scooters for three hours.  Also, Chelsea and Anthony were able to join us for a double date!  We went to a Thai food lunch and then Scootered our little hearts out.  I can’t tell you how much fun this was and how easy it is to rent these things.  Our scooters were eco-friendly so luckily they didn’t go too fast.  Although that would have been fun, I’m sure we would have had some sort of accident.  I laughed almost the entire time riding the scooters it was so much fun.  Here are some photos:

Getting started.

Picking Chelsea up!

Of course Ian needed to test these things out to the extreme 🙂

He’s not in focus here but I thought this was pretty funny!


Chelsea and Anthony

After we played around downtown for a bit we let Anthony tour us around since he went to UC Berekeley and this was his old stomping grounds.  Here is the football stadium.

It’s currently under major construction!

Then we moved on to see the hills of Berkeley.  These scooters don’t climb very well but we tried to get as high up as possible.  It’s really beautiful up there!

The AstroTurf field!

This was Anthony’s old dorm.  Isn’t it such a beautiful building??

The trees and vines as we climbed the Berkeley hills continued to get more and more lush.  This was the ivy on the front of a house!

Ian and I acting and looking silly.

This spot overlooked the entire Berkeley area and San Francisco skyline!  I don’t have a great photo of it but it was incredible.

My scooter made it the farthest up the hill surprisingly!  Because they were electric they had somewhat of a harder time chugging up the steep hills.

This is the view near someone’s garage… I can only imagine what the view from their house looks like!

This was one of the funnest days I’ve had.  I know I’m pretty easy to please but this was a fun idea and I’d recommend it to anyone!

Santa Cruz with Ian

25 Oct

Ian and I spent this past Sunday on the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk.  It was such a fun day and a great way to spend time together!  I lost some of my favorite photos of the day somehow but I was able to save a few.

We went on the cozy chairlift first that sweeps across the boardwalk.  It was fun to check out all of the rides and scenery before we started our extravaganza.

Here’s the older part of the boardwalk.  There were some interesting and creepy old keep sakes from the original boardwalk.  The boardwalk is over 100 years old but the infamous rides didn’t start until about 80-90 years ago.

I LOVE that the beach is hugging the sand on the boardwalk.  It’s so great to have so many different options of things to do while your there and the best part is… you don’t have to pay ANY admittance fee!  You can go peruse the boardwalk, fee free.  You just pay for rides, food, and/or any of the other givens.

People strewn about.  I loved this picture until I realized the two center piece people are drinking tall cans of beer… ha!  Oops.

I don’t know if you can tell but these donuts were HUGE!

This was inside the old “bathe house.”  They used to have a swimming pool inside this building where swimmers would put on aquatic shows through trapeze, diving platforms, and other amusements.  Now it’s an arcade and mini-golf house.  A sign of the times 🙂

The Giant Dipper!  Childhood memories… I remember this coaster being so much bigger when I was younger, funny how that happens.

The beautiful swings!

I had one of the best days on this day.  The sun was out and I was in great company.  What more can a girl ask for?!