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I’ll tell you a secret, there’s no secrets this year

4 May

Well there’s never any secrets with me to be honest but this year has been pretty life changing for me in many ways.  I’ve been all over the map and indulging in as much music, friendship/family time, travel, horseback riding and fun as possible.  One thing is for sure and that’s I’m not going to deny myself good times with the amazing people in my life.  Here’s another instagram post about my life as of late and the things that make me happy – Friday being one of them 🙂

Naturally, Coachella was life changing.

A small M83 show my work put together.  They sound SO good live.

Our family’s beautiful golden turned 11 years old this year!

I recorded with some great friend’s on an album!  Just a small part but I’m sure I’ll post it when it’s finished.  Definitely not something I’d ever thought I’d do but it was way fun!

NEON INDIAN!!!  Tahoe friends came down and we danced the night away to this AMAZING band.

I won some awesome jewelry from SF based LITTER.  I’ll be doing a shoot soon to showcase how much I love their stuff so hopefully I’ll be able to do it this weekend and post about it next week : )

Love this one.  We have very domestic date nights which consist of target nights, crafting and making dinners.

We. Met. Wally. from Gotye…. and he was the most adorable man.  He even invited us to his show which was a great live show.  I really love the Making Mirrors album.

Craft store perusing.

Lots of park lounging at lunch time.

Summer hair = no brushing allowed.  Time to be carefree for a few months 🙂

Inspire yourself.  I find quotes like this give me an extra push on some days.

We had an album listen of Rebecca Ferguson from the UK.  She’s about to launch an entire US press tour so you may not have heard of her but you will.  She’s extremely talented and I won’t forget her voice.

Our friend Rani is moving back to Texas 😦  I’ll miss her but now have a new travel destination of interest.  ❤

The weather is warming up in Northern CA!  I see more surf days in my future..

Wayne Brady stops by one of our stations.

A successful craft night with Chels.

It’s baseball season and any chance to spend outside with friends and family is a guaranteed good time.

Of course, you can’t forget about half of my heart.  Horses will be a good portion of my summer.

You might be able to find me here on warm days.

Two Door Cinema Club

17 Apr

Two Door Cinema Club played the Fillmore in San Francisco Thursday April 14th and the show was great.  They played pretty much all of the songs off of Tourist History and a few new ones that haven’t been released yet.  Their new songs are just as great if not better then the Tourist History hits.  I can’t wait until the next time I’ll be able to see another show of theirs.  They always sound incredible from instruments to vocals.  Here are some photos from the show, definitely don’t miss out on seeing them if they come to your town!

I couldn’t bring my DSLR to this show so the quality is not as great but it was still a good excuse to get out and document one of my personal favorites.

Cannot wait for their next album.  My coworker, Chelsea, and I are obsessed with the new song “handshake.”  They just finished it a few weeks ago, keep an ear out for it!

Matt White private concert for lunch?

31 Mar

One of the perks of working in the radio business is that there is always some up and coming artist, dropping by to do a showcase.  Today we were lucky enough to have Matt White who has a famous song called “Love” that’s actually in a McDonald’s commercial right now.  He has such a beautiful voice and played 4 or 5 songs for us!  As employees, we were invited up for a free lunch and this awesome sneak peak of Matt White’s latest album!

I have some video of his amazing voice but for some reason can’t upload it here so here’s a photo:

I showed up a little early too and got to hear much more.  Days like today are the days I’m thankful for working in such an awesome environment.  You never know what the day is going to hold!  Matt is playing a show tomorrow night at the Red Devil Lounge in San Francisco but it’s sold out, so if you got a ticket and are going you are in for a real treat.