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25 Apr

I know in my last post I talked a little bit about Emily and the friendship we’ve maintain for now *gasp* twelve years.  It seems so weird to put a number to the time and definitely doesn’t feel like that long.  We’ve been through the waves of motion in life and haven’t always lived right next door to each other (even though that’s how it began) but we’ve always been able to pick up right where we left off.  I’ve been really aware of the amazing people in my life lately and I really hope they know how much I appreciate them.  I try to tell them as much as possible and I appreciate them all more than they will probably ever know.  It’s so important to keep the strong, supportive and FUN people in your life.  Fun is contagious and there’s absolutely no reason to stop the good times with the people you care for.

Now onto the good stuff, here’s some more photos that Em and I took while down at the lake over the weekend.  It’s a continuation of sorts from yesterdays post 🙂

Coffee together is always the best.  Tahoe House in Tahoe City is one of the best bakeries and coffee shops in between the North and West shores of Tahoe.

Being silly.  We literally might be the most silly people when we get together.

Naturally, we also bond over music.  Em was making a playlist for our lake lounging.

  I’ll leave you with some words of wisdom I read yesterday.  Another great friend, Chelsea, sent me this link to a bunch of motivational and inspiring quotes and there was one I wanted to share.  Every now and then it’s nice to read something that can empower you at the start of your day.  Happy Wednesday!

Care for coffee?

10 Jan

OK, so remember how I quit coffee?  That’s completely over.  Ha!  I just love it too much to give it up and you know what?  I’m not a crazy addict, I only have one a day BUT my new Keurig has changed my life.  My wonderful mom and stepdad got me a mini-keurig for Christmas and it has been one of the best things I have ever had.  It’s even allowed me to create a coffee bar in my little kitchen 🙂  Here’s a way that I turned a small space into a cozy coffee corner!

I took over a small area of my limited counter space to allow for my precious Keurig 🙂

It makes one perfect cup every morning.

Oh yeah, and the flavors are endless!  My personal favorite is Chai.

It was so simple to create my own mini coffee bar, yet has made me love the used to be dark corner of my kitchenette.  It’s also saved me money from going and buying coffee.  It’s a win-win situation and I highly recommend adding a coffee bar to your house if you like coffee.

It’s the little things in life, right?

The Poor Man’s Latte

22 Jun

I have the coffee addiction that I think the rest of the working world shares.  On those mid-week mornings that can be hard pulling through with the motivation that I started with on Monday, I look to coffee to be a happy thought and surge of energy.

Any coffee place in San Francisco charges well over $3 for a latte which adds up by the end of the month.  I just learned this helpful tip from a family member and some may call me cheap but I call it a good deal 🙂

This tip works at any coffee place where they have a milk bar (they also usually keep creamers, sugars, stir sticks, etc. in the same area).

You can order a double espresso over ice in whatever size cup you’d like.  Then you just take it over to the milk bar and fill with the appropriate amount of milk!  You will save about $2 each time doing this! Simple enough and economically efficient for the caffeine addicted.

It’s the little things in life, right? 🙂