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The secret garden does exist

20 Mar

OK, here is the first location we shot at on Saturday.

We even got Lesly dog, Marley, to come to the shoot 🙂  Although, he’s painfully shy so this was the only real photo we got with him looking anywhere near the camera.


Trying to create something out of my crazy balloon ideas.
These first three shots were taken on my canon 60D and now you will see the difference from these and Henry’s photos on his Canon 5D Mark II.  My shots are a little bit too warm and not as crisp.  The rest of the photos below are courtesy of professional photographer, Henry Houghton.

I love this shot with the ivy tucking into the left side of the photo.  Lesly was sooo easy to shoot.  She’s really good at catching the light and creating beautiful photos with only one click.

I love the sheer of this dress.  This is the same dress as my post from yesterday (same with Lesly’s).

I love uneven skirts.dresses.  There’s something about them that add personality to just a look.

Trying to do balloon shots didn’t work out for me so well haha.  It started raining pretty good for a moment so we decided to call it and move on to the next location.

As you can see the softer toned photos came out much better in Henry’s photos.  I adjusted the first three that I took in photo shop to contrast the green and red (through curves).  The photos just aren’t as natural as the ones from Henry’s camera.  It’s great to be able to learn all throughout this process!

In the daylight anywhere feels like home

19 Mar

I don’t know about everyone else but besides for these photo shoots I had one of those weekends where I just didn’t want to do anything but sleep or lounge.  I’ve been on the go so much that I was really looking forward to decompressing.  Instead of going out to a pub on St. Patrick’s Day I decided to try to hone some of my creative thoughts with other creative masterminds.

For a while now I’ve had some photo ideas that I wanted to try to put to life.  I scoped two locations that I thought would be cool for another run at fashion photos and asked my friend Lesly (who models) and Henry (who is a very talented photographer) to come along.  There were many behind the scenes stories and many more photos that I will show throughout the week.  Here’s a preview of what’s to come!

Lesly rocking this $9.00 Forever21 gown (no joke, this was an amazingly elegant look for less than what your lunch probably cost!).  This lush canopied way was someones driveway I’d seen driving by earlier.  Thankfully no one thought it was weird that we wanted to shoot some photos there 🙂

The next spot for shooting was this vibrant field.  This is me in a Forever21 dress as well which you will see better in the next posts.  The hat is from Haight St in San Francisco for under $10 and the necklace (unseen here) I made which I will feature this week, too.

Both of these shots were taken with my Canon 60D but Henry took some amazing photos with his Canon 5D MarkII and some amazing lenses.  I’ll make sure to let you know the settings and what has been done post production.  Lots of good things on the horizon so Happy Monday to everybody!

Photographs, Portrait Practice, and Photoshop

21 Dec

Two weekends ago one of my greatest friends and fellow bloggers, Amanda, came down to San Francisco to spend the day eating honey sticks and photographing the city with me.  We cruised the Farmer’s Market, caught up on life and shared photo tips.  She has been taking photo classes and has so much knowledge to share, it’s so fun to be able to hang out with a great friend that we share so many common interests.  You could say we photo-geeked out together but it was an awesome day with her and I can’t wait to do it again!

I’ll start with some of my Ferry Building shots I snapped and you can also see her post about our day here!  Enjoy 🙂

I do love taking photos of the Bay Bridge.

We loved this artichoke flower!

They have no fear in cities.

We bought a few of these and ate them out on the Pier together.  It’s so fun to enjoy the company of a great friend while indulging in a little sugar 🙂

I’ve actually figured out something really interesting I want to do with this photo and will do a tutorial on it soon!  I think it’s going to make a great wall art piece!

There are still vibrant flowers to be found this time of year!

Beautiful feather filled ornaments and a great, simple craft!  Next year, hopefully I’ll have enough space for a tree and I’d like to make all my own ornaments to accompany all of my “special” ornaments received from family and friends throughout the years.

I love all of the Olive Oil tastings.

Fresh and rather large scones.

The most expensive truffle’s I’ve ever seen : )

A mushroom only stand!  Every type of edible fungi you could imagine is located in San Francisco’s Ferry Building.

I’ve never seen more decadent donuts!

Me and Amanda 🙂

Then we went out on Pier 7 to work on shooting portraits.  It’s one of the hardest areas of photography to work on due to what natural lighting is supposed to look like but it was fun to work on with our fellow artist 🙂  I personally love this blown out light on Amanda.  It’s not natural to be that bright but I think it makes her glow.

Amanda 🙂

The beautiful purse Amanda has here is actually a camera bag!!  Can you believe it??  It’s adorable and padded with perfect compartments for camera bodies and lenses.  Definitely a good investment for a photographer!

We both have Canons so it was fun to compare tips and photo ideas.

All photos of me, courtesy of Amanda 🙂  She was showing me how this is the ideal portrait lighting because it’s the most natural and I completely agree.  It’s not blown out light like how I thought I liked portraits.  We had to make shift these though by leaning against a pole (in the right of the frame) to get the shading on us.

I had rented a lens for my concerts so we played around a lot with the L series lens (1.4f 35mm).

She’s talented and pretty, too 🙂  Definitely check her blog for good crafts!

Now for some photoshop fixers!  You know those blown out pictures that I like so much?  Or get a photo you like but it’s blurry?  Well photoshop can change them with the addition of a few key filters!

No filter

Filter – Sketch>Halftone Pattern.  It brings a much more artistic feel to the photo.

No filter and blurry

Filter – Sketch > Conte

I think these are good filters for more artistic shoots.  I don’t use photoshop much but I have it in the case that I don’t LOVE all the photos I shoot for someone.  You can put a few filters or make a photo black and white to bring more emotions to a photo.

Whatever you are taking photos for or working towards, it’s important to always be practicing and trying to hone your skills.  It’s great to be able to get with other photographers or people in your trade to practice as well because you can constantly be bouncing ideas off of one another.  This was a very fun day full of laughs, good conversation and of course photos galore 🙂

Nighttiming – I’ve been trying to work on long exposures

30 Nov

I was playing around with long exposures in Hawaii because I think great ones are phenomenal, especially star circles.  Mine are far from fantastic but I had fun cruising around and shooting these photos!  I took many at the new Disneyland resort, the Aulani.  It’s pretty incredible in the pool resort area.  Anyways, enjoy and any good tips on long exposures is greatly appreciated 🙂

The sun starting to set.  This was about a 10 second exposure.

View from the balcony.

Walking to the Aulani.  The white building is the JW Marriott in Ko Olina.

Aulani lobby.

Aulani pool.

More Aulani pool.

Aulani infinity spas.

View from my Aunt and Unlce’s.  During the day you can see the ocean perfectly.  What if everyday you woke up to that?  It’d be beautiful!

It had been too long

4 Nov

It’d been about three weeks since I’d been able to get out to the barn to ride and I’d really been missing it.  Even with the storm coming in, somehow I still think it’s one of the most beautiful places.

The clouds were moving somewhat fast in this :30s exposure.

Happy Friday!  Enjoy a great weekend 🙂

Golden Lights

1 Nov

Mt. Diablo – my backyard mountain

20 Oct

I thought I’d do my travel Thursday on somewhere a little closer to home.  While Ian’s family was here this weekend I thought it’d be fun to take them to my backyard mountain, Mt. Diablo.  When I was a kid we used to go up to Rock City all the time and I loved climbing and exploring the amazing rocks.  They are interesting for so many reasons and it’s just one of a few detours you can take on the long, windy road up to the summit.  This was a win-win situation for all because Ian loves driving his all wheel drive Evo on the roads and the rest of us love the adventure.  Here are some photos from our day trip. The landscapes are all a tad different around the mountain.

These rocks had wind caves.  Since they are such soft rocks, holes can easily form on these enormous boulders.

Here’s all of us in one of the caves!

Over time, foot holes have even been pressed into the rocks making it easy to climb to the top of the rocks.  Going up is always easier than going down.

Eryka climbing!  She is an ice climber and actually just got back from being a safety guide in Greenland with National Geographic.  She has some amazing photos from that trip but needless to say, climbing this rock was probably a piece of cake for her 🙂

Ian and Eryka on top of one of the big rocks.

Everybody climbing!  I don’t know if it was the smartest to climb with my camera but it’s kind of a part of my body now.  I don’t like to go anywhere without one : )

A close up.  It was almost like sand stone.

Eryka is also training to become a yogi!  She definitely has skills.

This lizard had the brightest tail I’ve ever seen!  The mountain is also known for Rattle Snakes and Tarantulas so don’t forget your closed toe shoes if you venture up this mountain.

Along the way the leaves were all starting to change colors for Fall.

It may have looked like everything was green in some of my other photos but it was pretty dry on the mountain.  After summer, everything gets extremely dried out.

There were bikers in it for the long haul.  This would take an immense amount of endurance and strength to make it all the way to the top.  You also would have to be careful coming down to go slow enough to make it around every hairpin turn.

Ian’s other girlfriend.  The evo does handle very well on the tight switchbacks and it fit all of us for the ride.

A small piece of the narrow roads to the top.

Mount Diablo is a wonderful place to go explore.  They have endless hiking trails, campsites, and places to explore.  It’s a fun way to hang out with family and friends while enjoying the outdoors.  Beware though, in the summer the heat can be unbareable so the best times to go are Spring and Fall.  Sometimes in winter though, we will get a very special snow and you can catch kids bringing their sleds up high enough to sled down a little slope (none of the extreme cliffs of course).  Enjoy 🙂

San Francisco Sunset

19 Oct

I really love sunset photography.  They just never look the same to me and I love the colors a sunset creates.

These were taken on the way to the airport when picking up Ian’s family!  What a great way for our time to start together 🙂

The sun is setting on earlier afternoons

4 Oct

Lately there have been some magnificent sunsets and I thought I’d share some of the photos I’ve snapped of the cloud patterns and interested rays of light I’ve seen in the afternoon.

A horse on the hill admiring the last bits of glowing sun for the day.

The opposite view of the horse.

I love the contrast of blue skies and orange hills.

The sun starting to set.

There was a bird hovering above the highest mound.

The last picture of this particular sunset.

I love vibrant, natural lighting.  I also kind of have an obsession with sunsets, could you tell?!  🙂  I did a photoshoot for someone on this night and I can’t wait to post the pictures from it.  They came out amazing with this lighting but I will post after they see their pictures first.

Alice 97.3’s Now and Zen Festival

27 Sep

This past weekend my work held another fun event, Alice’s Now and Zen Festival in Golden Gate Park.  I was actually contemplating being boring and not going because it started to rain a little bit and the festival was outside.  Then I came to my senses and realized I’m never one to turn down live music with good people.  Especially since it was a work event, we were lucky enough to enjoy free food, drinks, and a great view right next to the stage.  Now some of you really probably think I’m crazy for almost not going.  Alice’s promotion’s department does such an amazing job of creating polished, family and pet friendly events.  I shot some photos to share in case you missed out!

Michelle Branch was the first act to go on that I saw.  Before her there were two other acts, Thriving Ivory and Eoin Harrington (both originally from the San Francisco area).

I have to be honest she didn’t sound too great.  However, I have a soft spot for her because my high school close friend and I would blast her CD and sing at the top of our lungs.  We were big Michelle Branch fans and proud about it.  We even got our parents to sign us out of school so that we could go into the city to one of her shows (and Jason Mraz haha we were classic back then).  She did play a ton of her old hits too.  Beyond being a young fan back in the day, I now am a HUGE fan of this outfit!  Couldn’t be any cuter of an outfit for the singer/songwriter.

I also LOVE her classic white and gold guitars.  I’m no fashionista but if I had a say, her outfit wins so far for best fall threads.

So many cute dogs out and about enjoying the music as well.

Chelsea and Ian at Now and Zen

Sarah and Vinnie from the morning show then came out with Uzette, Icky, and Jamie (from the show) to chat with the crowd and get them excited for the Goo Goo Dolls.  They are such an entertaining morning show.  I really enjoy listening to them in the mornings and I’m not saying that because I work for the same station.  I genuinely think they are very funny!

Another dog enjoying the show.  I’m sorry, I’m such a huge animal lover I can’t help but photograph them 🙂

Another cute thing I liked at this show… were these cute snow hats/mittens!  At the end of the long tails were pockets to put your hands.  So great for the snow and I love seeing kids out and about enjoying a nice outdoor concert.

Then the Goo Goo Dolls hit the stage and I have to admit they still sound good!  They have way more recognizable songs than you’d think.

He rocked it out for an older musician.

The other Goo Goo Dolls singer.

One of my favorite parts of the performance (as cheesy as it sounds) was when they release a ton of black balloons into the audience for, you guessed it, Black Balloon.  One of their classic throw backs.

The client/employee area.  The marketing department always decorates the event so cute and practical!  There was coverage from rain and/or sun.  The sun did come out and it turned out to be a beautiful day.

The crowd.

Ian and I : )

Here are my two favorite songs from the day.

Goo Goo Dolls throwback “Broadway”

It reminds me of a ski road trip I took with my dad to Utah when I was in middle school.  We had such a great time and jammed to this CD on the way there.  He would have chosen News/talk the entire time but I was able to play my Goo Goo Dolls CD for part of it.

Also, I do have to admit I like the produced version of Michelle Branch’s new single “Loud Music.”

Enjoy and Happy Tuesday everybody!

BAby’s black balloon