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Newer Bucket List (Summer) Additions

15 May

As I’ve slowly been ticking off my bucket list this year, I’ve been more inspired than ever to add more things and places to the list.  It’s been such a blessing to be able to conquer some of my bucket list with people very near and dear to me.  It has also been an incredible amount of fun.  I’ve found that simply just putting these things on the said “list” has put more of the ideas to life than I could have imagined.  Anyway, here are a few more I’ve added to my list lately.

Bike ride across the Golden Gate!  OK, this is probably the most realistic out of my recent adds and surprising I’ve never done it but I have always had a small fear of actually riding a bike in the city.  There are many more bike paths by the bridge though, therefore, I will conquer this soon 🙂 (photo)

White water rafting!  I’ve been rafting in a float-down-a-calm-river sort of way but never adventurously.  This seems like a must.  (photo)

Bali, Indonesia has also been added to my list of places to see.  Naturally, this isn’t happening this summer but maybe next – who knows!  (photo)

What’s on your bucket list?  I love reading other people’s.  It’s so inspiring.  Have a wonderful day!

Another Addition to the Bucket List and why you should use AirBNB!

12 Aug

I’m constantly adding things to my bucket list and the other day I added travel to Costa Rica to the list!  It’s something I never really thought about but when a good friend mentioned it to me and how great it is I decided it need not be neglected from my life experiences.  The more I look into it, the more appealing it becomes.  How could I not want to go spend time surfing, riding horses, hiking waterfalls, swimming, and relaxing ocean side.  Or to even go spend some time on a working horse farm.  The possibilities are endless but now I know I want to go to Costa Rica : )

(photo cred and other good Costa Rica photos)

Another reason for sharing this specifically from my bucket list was to share an amazing travel website I’ve been perusing lately.  I have a really good friend who works for the San Francisco based company AirBNB which helps you find a more personalized experience on your travels.

AirBNB helps you find basically people’s homes to rent in destinations all over the world for MUCH cheaper than hotels and you typically get a kitchen, washer/dryer, etc.  Or you can book camp sites on the beach.  They have any and all options for accommodations.  On top of just accommodations, the people you choose to rent from will give you recommendations on great things/places to see, where to eat, and much more right near where you will stay.

You have the ability to connect with the people before you go so if you ended up not feeling comfortable you can just cancel.  I really can’t wait to utilize this newer company on my next travels!

Add another to the Bucket List

19 Jul

Lately I’ve been just completely obsessed with the idea of going to Croatia.  I am in love with traveling and always need a new place to strive for and I’ve officially set my sites on Croatia.  I’d love nothing more to swim in these waters and explore this place.  National Geographic posted a great article with great photos about this beautiful place.

The photo above is from the article at: http://www.nationalgeographic.com/adventure/0511/features/croatia.html.