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Mt. Diablo – my backyard mountain

20 Oct

I thought I’d do my travel Thursday on somewhere a little closer to home.  While Ian’s family was here this weekend I thought it’d be fun to take them to my backyard mountain, Mt. Diablo.  When I was a kid we used to go up to Rock City all the time and I loved climbing and exploring the amazing rocks.  They are interesting for so many reasons and it’s just one of a few detours you can take on the long, windy road up to the summit.  This was a win-win situation for all because Ian loves driving his all wheel drive Evo on the roads and the rest of us love the adventure.  Here are some photos from our day trip. The landscapes are all a tad different around the mountain.

These rocks had wind caves.  Since they are such soft rocks, holes can easily form on these enormous boulders.

Here’s all of us in one of the caves!

Over time, foot holes have even been pressed into the rocks making it easy to climb to the top of the rocks.  Going up is always easier than going down.

Eryka climbing!  She is an ice climber and actually just got back from being a safety guide in Greenland with National Geographic.  She has some amazing photos from that trip but needless to say, climbing this rock was probably a piece of cake for her 🙂

Ian and Eryka on top of one of the big rocks.

Everybody climbing!  I don’t know if it was the smartest to climb with my camera but it’s kind of a part of my body now.  I don’t like to go anywhere without one : )

A close up.  It was almost like sand stone.

Eryka is also training to become a yogi!  She definitely has skills.

This lizard had the brightest tail I’ve ever seen!  The mountain is also known for Rattle Snakes and Tarantulas so don’t forget your closed toe shoes if you venture up this mountain.

Along the way the leaves were all starting to change colors for Fall.

It may have looked like everything was green in some of my other photos but it was pretty dry on the mountain.  After summer, everything gets extremely dried out.

There were bikers in it for the long haul.  This would take an immense amount of endurance and strength to make it all the way to the top.  You also would have to be careful coming down to go slow enough to make it around every hairpin turn.

Ian’s other girlfriend.  The evo does handle very well on the tight switchbacks and it fit all of us for the ride.

A small piece of the narrow roads to the top.

Mount Diablo is a wonderful place to go explore.  They have endless hiking trails, campsites, and places to explore.  It’s a fun way to hang out with family and friends while enjoying the outdoors.  Beware though, in the summer the heat can be unbareable so the best times to go are Spring and Fall.  Sometimes in winter though, we will get a very special snow and you can catch kids bringing their sleds up high enough to sled down a little slope (none of the extreme cliffs of course).  Enjoy 🙂