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Luke’s about to take on his second year in this world!

17 May

My baby nephew Luke just finished his first year in this world and it’s so amazing to get to see him learn and grow.  I love the way his eyes just grow so wide whenever he sees something literally completely new to him and I like to watch as he tries to understand.  He’s really special.  I have tons of pics but here’s just a few for now.

He’s walking now!  Just look for the balloon and then you’ll find him 🙂

I just love this picture of Luke and his mam, Nicole.  It’s too cute watching them together.

I’ll post many more over the next few days!

Shannon’s Birthday!

16 May

For one of my great friends Shannon’s birthday, she decided to rent a trolley in San Francisco for the night and drive around to anywhere we wanted.  It was one of the most fun ideas for a birthday anyone could think of!  I only have a few pictures of the night but it was amazing, here they are:

Getting ready before the trolley came to get us!

Birthday girl!!

The birthday cupcake haha

Singing happy birthday to Shannon =)!

The trolley!!

Yay, so-cal came up to SF!!

Beautiful bday girl!

LOVE them!

The cutest baby nephew in the world is about to turn one!

13 May

My first baby nephew, whom I just adore, is turning one this weekend or at least celebrating his first year of life.  It’s amazing to see a life form and what an amazing thing.  I can’t wait to see him this weekend 🙂

I just love him 🙂