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Oh Happy Day!!! Ceremonials has been released to the public!

1 Nov

It’s the day I’ve been waiting impatiently for, for a few months now… Florence has publicly released Ceremonials and it’s nothing short of fantastic!

I know it may seem like I’m borderline obsessed and there is definitely some truth to that.  Now I have some back up though as to why she is so amazing and that’s her new album Ceremonials.  The two singles that they’d been teasing everyone with on the radio were “Shake It Out” and “What the Water Gave Me.”

I’ll start with breaking down some of the songs.  Heartlines is so beautiful and slow.  It almost sounds like it has a wind chime in it and her voice starts out wind like sounding.  Very high and whispering into the lyrics.

I’ve posted about my absolute favorite before here, “Never Let Me Go.”  It’s just like a smooth ride to listen to.  It starts off to a gentle start and it’s simple.  Her voice carries you throughout the journey of the song.  It lulls slowly up and down throughout the song from beginning to end.

My other favorite so far is “No Light, No Light.”   It’s so empowering.  It starts slow like some of the others and then steadily picks up with a powerful bass line.

“Breaking Down” almost gives me a Vampire Weekend feel.  It’s a little more musically upbeat contrary to the title.

The entire album carried me along on a wonderful ride.  It’s so gentle yet makes a bold statement through her voice.  This is her best album to date and I’m so glad she is now touring with this new album.  The dog days are over but to no complaints because Ceremonials is in and better than ever.

Florence has yet another!

26 Sep

Her voice is just too good.  New album drops on Halloween day.  I don’t think I can wait, can you tell?! 🙂

Thanks again to fellow blogger, Kathleen, for posting this!

Any other bloggers who post music videos please find me.  I love sharing music I’m listening to and if we have the similar taste, I’m always looking for new great music!