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SoHo and Subways

29 Feb

Pick a card.

Car parks.  They lift and stack the cars.

Cupcake carts… yum!

Shnazzy chandeliers.

Fiona’s new shopping cart for all the SoHo shopping 🙂

Delightful window displays.

Thee best pizza I had in the few short days I was there.  Seriously delicious.

Seriously, YUM.

All sorts of goodies.

It was packed and everyone was in such a good mood.  It was such a fun lunch time with Fiona and Shannon : )


Some Subways were not so obvious.

Others were very obvious.

I found horses in one of the most populated areas in the country… Times Square!

Lots of sparkle.

Insta-life recently

8 Dec

In case we aren’t friends on Instagram or Twitter already, I thought I’d give a little update of my life lately through iphone photos.  Enjoy!

Waimea Falls

My aunt and uncle’s new lab puppy!



Pier 7 in San Francisco.

SF skyline.


SF tunnel walk.

I know, these pictures are all over the place but I guess I’ve been all over the place recently 🙂

Chinatown, San Francisco

23 Aug

Today for lunch Lindsay and I decided to head up to Chinatown and explore the overwhelming stores.  The shops in Chinatown will shock you because they appear to be small little shops with one door openings but once you step in, it’s like your Alice in Wonderland transporting from the street to a huge indoor market full of trinkets.   OK, some may say junk but it’s really impressive what’s hidden in all the Chinatown crevices.  Here are a few things we found today at lunch.

All of the windows above the Chinatown shops have tons of clothing and/or artifacts hanging outside on display.

I thought this beaded rooster was quite interesting!

One of the neatest shops we found was a huge pet store!  It was about 3 or 4 stories tucked away with all sorts of interesting animals for sale.  This fish was twice as big as my head!

Chinatown is a pretty unique place to peruse.  If you decide to encounter it on your own, make a point to duck into a few stores because you will be very surprised at what you will find!

Add another to the Bucket List

19 Jul

Lately I’ve been just completely obsessed with the idea of going to Croatia.  I am in love with traveling and always need a new place to strive for and I’ve officially set my sites on Croatia.  I’d love nothing more to swim in these waters and explore this place.  National Geographic posted a great article with great photos about this beautiful place.

The photo above is from the article at: http://www.nationalgeographic.com/adventure/0511/features/croatia.html.

Finally the good weather is rolling in and as always I’m out for an adventure

21 May

With the weather coming around this week I was able to sneak out for some adventures and took photos along the way.

On Monday, my friend Chelsea and I were at Starbucks when Jason Derulo walked in.  We were pretty excited that that just so happened to be at the exact time we went out for a coffee.  He was probably at our work doing interviews but we didn’t know about it.  Anyways, he was so nice and chatted with us and let us take a couple photos with him.

On Thursday, Chelsea and I had heard about a bunch of roof-top gardens where you can eat your lunch so we went to check them out.  This one above is on the 15th or 16th floor of a building on Sansome St.  Anyone can go up there at any time and it’s really amazing to be able to look all around (and/or down if you dare!!).  I will get more info on it and post more pictures so if you are ever looking for an adventurous place to eat your lunch in San Francisco, you could be led here!

The next rooftop we went to was only on the third floor but you could look up at all these beautiful sky scrapers!  This pic above is the view up of a famous building in SF that I read is known for it’s “X” framing that is supposed to be more efficient in an earthquake.

This fountain is in the middle of the plaza where we ate our lunch.  This is also my favorite photo of this posting.  It may be hard to believe but this fountain was probably about 8 feet tall and about 12-15 feet wide.  It was huge!This was on Wednesday near Levi Square where you can see Coit Tower and many other beautiful sites.  I know my friends will be mad I used this photo cause nobody knew I was taking it but I seriously love this photo.

That same day, a co-worker brought in all of these amazing Taiwanese treats to share and they were AMAZING!!  I would love to go to Taiwan and sample all of these treats in real life 🙂

I chose this amazing egg treat and the tea.  The tea was so good, it tasty like a milky tea but had these little jelly balls at the bottom.  It’s hard to explain what it was but they were both so delicious and I was so thankful that my co-worker shared with us!

Yesterday, my friend Rani and I decided to go to Pier 39 on our lunch.  I’m so glad I have great friends at work that will geek out with me and be a tourist with me on our lunches.  Since I don’t live in San Francisco but work there, I want to make sure I get to see everything I want to see (if possible in one hour) in San Francisco.  I’ve been to Pier 39 a bunch when I was a little kid but I haven’t been in forever so it was really fun to go back.  It’s such a great area and it’s only about a 15 minute walk from where I work!  This carousel above you can ride for $3.  I’ll definitely need to go back more.  The next sequence of photos are from Pier 39 yesterday.

You can see Alcatraz from the end of Pier 39 and yesterday was such a beautiful day to see it!

Here is Rani and I!

We weren’t the only ones who came out to enjoy the sun.  This was my favorite, all of the seals sunbathing on the docks.  They all are calling to each other the entire time and rolling over each other or swimming freely.  They are such beautiful animals and I love their kind eyes.

More seals 🙂

This seal was swimming around in front of the crowds.  Pretty cute, this guy must have loved the attention.

Walking back to work, they have all of these neat sculptures and Coit Tower is in the background there.

Laguna Seca

10 May

After the Monterey Bay Aquarium, we decided to drive up to Laguna Seca to check it out.  Ian is a huge car enthusiast so it was really fun to get to see him enjoy this place!

We hiked up to the top of this hill where you could overlook a lot of the track.

All Ian really wanted to see was the cork screw turn on the track and we definitely got to see it!  We also saw a mazda almost lose it on this turn and go off track.

Here’s part of the corkscrew.

Another angle, although neither of these photos shows the entire turns of this section.

This top point had this awesome tiling where it talked about all of the people who contributed to the track.  There were some pretty interesting tiles on this layout, very cool to see.

Looking for a summer outdoor adventure??

21 Apr

Last summer I went on the most amazing trip to Whistler, Canada.  There are the most amazing hikes there and some of the most UNREAL scenery.  I am trying to figure out where I can go this summer but in the mean time, maybe some of these photos will inspire some of you to go to one of the most beautiful places in the world for a summer get away!

Here I am at Green Lake.  It’s about a half hour to an hour walk on guided trails from the Blackcomb village.

There was this dock area for the scenic sea plane rides.

Another plane with quite the back ground.

One of the most breathtaking things you can do in Whistler is taking the gondola up to the top of the peaks and hike around all of the trails.

The scariest chairlift ride ever!  But well worth it once at the top, the views were incredible.

The very op of the peak at Whistler.

The family at the top together.

Going down!

This hike was truly unreal!  After hiking around we did the peak to peak experience which was riding the world’s highest/longest unsupported gondola in the world… I’ll update those pics soon so that anyone planning on going to Whistler can see all of the fun that is to be had there!

Sunday Funday!

28 Mar

My idea of a sunday funday is being outside doing something that I love and one of those things is snowboarding!  I have had a season pass to Northstar at Tahoe for probably the past 6 years but this year I wasn’t sure how often I’d be able to make it up so I didn’t purchase one.  I was able to get a few comp’d tickets through work and it’s made me realize how much I miss living near the ski hill!  I miss the days where snowboarding only three days a week was rare because normally it’d be five.  I had SO much fun today in all the powder in the trees today off the Look Out chair.  These pictures don’t do any justice for how much fun or beautiful this mountain and area are.

I wasn’t sure how the weather was going to be but it ended up being beautiful.  The sun wasn’t always out but it definitely stopped storming which was a nice change.

This was an actual building that was buried!!!  Seriously so much snow…

I can’t wait to get up there again.   Hopefully when Spring riding conditions are here I’ll be able to sneak a few weekdays in, those are truly the best.

Rain in the city means snow in Tahoe!

27 Mar

I am a snow lover and considering my boyfriend, Ian, lives in beautiful lake Tahoe (where I used to live for a year and a half), I find any time/excuse to get up to Tahoe.  I was just here a few weeks ago and everyone was saying how that was the most snow they had ever seen but little did we all know even MORE SNOW was on it’s way!!  Ian and his friends all have snow mobiles and live where they pretty much have backyard access to snow mobile trails.  We got to go out snowmobiling today and I documented some of the snow experience in the back country.

If this gives you any indication how much snow there is in North Lake Tahoe right now….

Here’s Ian on his snowmobile!

The funny thing about all of the snow is that everyone kept getting stuck!  Here’s our friend Matt stuck sideways in the snow and then Brandon got stuck as well.  Everyone got stuck at least once today but it was such a fun day!

Here’s Brandon and Alex doing snow mobile wheelys haha I didn’t even know this was possible until today.

And one more snow photo because it’s just unbelievable how much snow there is…