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Sail away on the bay

7 Sep

Wow, wow, wow… is all I have to say about sailing on the bay.  I had an AMAZING time this weekend setting sail with Liz and all of her friends for her Bachelorette party.  It was one of the best ways to see the city and bond with friends.  I highly recommend sailing in SF with Captain Kirk and his crew.  We sailed for three hours and it was a hands-on, fun experience that I will never forget!

We set sail from 40 South Beach Harbor by the AT&T park in San Francisco on the Bay Wolf.

After a short safety brief, we were off!

We started out using the little boat motor to get out in the open waters and then they asked if anyone wanted to help raise the sail and of course I was all for it.  It was very easy to start raising but the higher it got, the wind pushed and the sail was much harder to raise.  Once I couldn’t raise it anymore, Molly (Liz’s sister) helped crank the rope tight so we could be in full sail 🙂

Climbing to the back of the boat after raising the sail was hard because it was so tipsy that you have to hold onto something solid on the boat at all times!  We got the boat ready to go though before reaching the Bay Bridge.

Finally we were about to embark on the rougher waters past the Bay Bridge.  After this point was when we felt our first full sailboat lean!

The start of the sailboat lean.  You can’t tell how much the boats were leaning but it was definitely fun!

Then we were in full lean!  I had my feet braced against the side of the boat like it was the bottom of the boat because it was tilted so far over.

As we started getting closer to the Golden Gate, the winds picked up and so did the activity around us.  There were kite surfers, wind surfers and many other boats of all kinds.

The stormy weather was mainly over the water at this point but the sun sure was shining on San Francisco.

We started to pass Alcatraz and then Captain Kirk let me steer.  He also taught me to steer while we “jibed” which is where you slowly let the sail’s boom switch sides of the vessel.  We had to do this once we started going in the reverse direction to catch the wind to push us in the right direction.

This windsurfer was very far out in the water and flying by.  He was doing so well considering how choppy it was.

It was really cool to sail under the new Bay Bridge that’s been under construction for a few years now and should be done in 2013.  It’s been a big deal to have this new bridge built because supposedly the old Bay Bridge won’t withstand the next “big one” aka huge earthquake.  This bridge is going to be amazing and I really enjoyed seeing it so close and personal!

The finished part of the new Bay Bridge.  Both directions of traffic will no longer be stacked on top of each other but instead set side by side.

Going under!  It’s a lot lower than the old one.

The moon!

After coming back under the Bay Bridge on the other side of Treasure Island the lighting really started to change and morph into one of the most amazing sunsets.

Other sail boats, the famous Oakland cranes and the two Bay Bridges.

I had so much fun shooting photos on this day.

Rope torch is what I see here.

Sun spot light shining into AT&T park, home of the world series winners the Giants!

Sunset over AT&T park, downtown San Francisco and the Bay Bridge.


The city lights started to dapple the city skyline.

The final shots of the sail.

The Bay Bridge with all the lights on 🙂

We chose to use Captain Kirk and his crew, Alex and Jennifer.  They were AWESOME.  They allowed us to be hands on and had a plethora of knowledge to share!  Along the sail, the crew supplied tons of snacks and beverages to keep our energy up.  10% of their proceeds go to charity (Team in Training) which is a wonderful thing.  We were the only group on the boat and I had one of the best times of adventure ever.

And one last photo before I go…