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Scars on 45

31 Aug

I forgot to share another lunch lounge from my side in the music industry.  Recently, we had the artist Scars on 45 come in and serenade us while we ate the most amazing pizza in the world, Patxi’s.  I know it sounds like I was more excited about the pizza and to be honest I kind of was.  I had never heard of Scars on 45 before and it’s not really my music that I gravitate towards but the group was very talented.

A lot of people in the building hardly ever go to these lunch showcases (maybe because of disinterest?) but this is exactly why I got into this industry, to work in media and music.  I’ve gone to every single lunch lounge since I’ve been in my job.  It’s so extraordinary that we get these LIVE sneak peaks at upcoming albums.  We are always offered the chance to chat with the musicians and ask any questions, take photos, etc.  Also, at this stage in their careers they are always so grateful that someone is interested in hearing them play.  We have also had some AMAZING lunch serenades (only I call them this 🙂 ) that I geek out over (the Kooks, Grace Potter, Fitz and the Tantrums).  Since I work for four major radio stations in San Francisco we also get bigger stars that come through as well but they never show case their music, although I would NOT oppose that!  The bigger stars usually just do an interview and some photos.

Scars on 45 were the last performance we had but we do have some upcoming events that I can’t reveal just yet but stay tuned and I’ll keep everyone posted on upcoming reviews of albums.  Scars on 45 will have songs on Grey’s Anatomy this next season and that’s where listeners will start to hear them so keep your ears open if you like soft, sweet music.

  Guitars laying around and Scars on 45 playing.

Here’s me and some co-workers taking a photo with the very humble band.

Here’s there single if you’d like to get a taste for the sounds of their upcoming record.  The girl in the band didn’t sing too much but when she did, her voice was beautiful.