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American Idol kicking off again

20 Jan

I have to admit American Idol a great show to watch.  Although time has been of the essence lately, maybe I’ll record some episodes to catch up on this weekend while the rain comes down.  I do enjoy listening to talented singers (maybe it has something to do with my major love for music?).   Anyways, Adam Lambert stopped by the morning shows to do some interviews and hang out.  Very, very nice guy and gracious for all the support his fans have been giving him.

Happy Friday everybody, I know I’m looking forward to a low key weekend filled with movies, horses and rain.
❤ B

Flo Rida, Gym Class Heroes and more – oh my!

22 Dec

I was so happy to be asked to participate in San Francisco’s 997 Now!’s Triple Ho Show holiday concert (held at the HP Pavillion in San Jose, home of the San Jose Sharks!) because I’d never been to a pop show ever before!  It’s been a pretty exciting few years for 997Now! because they have really flourished in our market and made a name for themselves from scratch.  It’s been a blast watching them gain momentum and not to mention get to meet all of the amazing artists that they play on the airwaves.  The listeners are also some of the most amazing people and getting to see them at this show really brings to heart how much other people connect with music.  Here are a few photos for a recap through my lens.  Enjoy 🙂

Taio Cruz

“I throw my hands into the air sometimes, saying ayyyyyoooo”

The opener was a band called Breathe Carolina and this picture sums them up pretty well.  Nice people but an odd assortment to the mix.

Ahh yes and then there was Travy McCoy with Gym Class Heroes.

He had a guest singer called Lady Ivy or something like that.  I can’t remember but she came out and sang a track with them.

Travy had everyone put hearts in the air.  It was really cool.  I was running around trying to capture everyone’s hearts and got a few photos of it.

Flo Rida making his rounds in the building!

I love the lighting in this photo.

Selena Gomez in her sparkling red one-sy.

LMFAO!  One of my favorites of the night.

And Pitbull to finish off the night!

It was an action filled night and something I’d never seen before.  The entire night was fast paced and fun.  997 Now! really pulled off a wonderful event that had people singing and dancing all night long.  I can’t wait to see what next year’s event has in store!