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I love this city

9 May

With another beautiful weekend, you know I had a hard time staying indoors.  The best place to be is outside when the weather is in your favor.  It was a very close friend’s (Brie) birthday on Saturday so I swooped her and a few other friends up and we headed to the beach.  This beach is pretty iconic in San Francisco and you’re about to see why.  Baker Beach is known for it’s stunning views of the Golden Gate Bridge and dog friendly sands.  There was no fog and the sand was like a warm blanket underneath our bodies.  I couldn’t have asked for a better Cinco de Mayo!

Dog’s were frolicking every just so happy to be enjoying the sun, water and tennis balls being thrown for them.  There’s nothing like watching a happy dog, living the life : )

Tuckey even went swimming!  He wasn’t the only brave one.  The water is ferociously cold but there were many brave swimmers on this warm day.

A huge freighter passing through.

Perfect day.

To help get you through this mid-work week day, I leave you with a good summer jam.  Hope you’re having a great week!

This place brought me back to Europe

28 Mar

I’d always seen pictures of the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco but had never actually been.  While I was out exploring with my friend over the weekend, we ended up right near the Palace of Fine Arts so I snapped some photos.  I’m sure many of you have been here before but if you haven’t it’s such a beautiful place to see.  The tall columns reminded me so much of Europe and the exquisite buildings that still stand.

The extremely large columns.

It’s this large, outdoor standing area.  It’s beautiful.


I love the reflection on the water.

The inside of the roof of the main dome.

You know how I love curved arches.

There were tons of people cruising around this area and lots of photographers shooting engagement photos and other shoots.  There was also a group of break dancers performing right in the middle of the main dome which was so cool to see.  I was trying to snap some photos of it but by the time we got close enough they decided to leave.  I’d definitely recommend checking it out on a nice day!

When it rains, it doesn’t always pour in San Francisco

27 Mar

With the on and off rain over the weekend, it was so hard to tell how the weather was going to be day by day.  Saturday the rain was coming down pretty good and then Sunday the clouds parted long enough for my friend, Kelsey, and I to go exploring.  We planned on a short little walk and some catch up time and four hours later we were still exploring!  She lives in such a wonderful part of the city with access to so much.  Here are some photos from our city walk in between the light rains of the weekend.

It was so calm in the harbors and I loved the reflections on the water.

All of the plants and flowers are happy to have some water.

The Golden Gate.  We saw a seal just floating along right out in these waters.

A freight liner moving out.

An adorable tug boat leaving the harbor.

We walked out to the end of the Yacht Club Pier to watch the sail boat racing.  It was a bunch of middle or high school kids racing so all of their parents were out on this pier cheering their kids on.  It was really cool to see.  The weather isn’t always predictable here but there’s always something great to see!

A day on the bay in January

30 Jan

This past weekend was extremely unusual weather for San Francisco.  The sun was shining and it looked like an end of Spring day.  I can’t complain but I need some snow in my life.  The mountains are calling my name this weekend.  In the meantime here are some photos from our unusual San Francisco winter day.

Bay Bridge.

Sooo cute!  I’ve never seen a sea lion by Pier 7 before.  He was just swimming around so calmly, it was so nice to watch him 🙂

Self portrait.

Light rain in the elevator.

A place to see it all

11 Jan

This past weekend I went into the city to see my friends and go on a mini-adventure.  My friends, Lacey and Shannon, took me up to Twin Peaks to fully experience a beautiful San Francisco sunset and it was one of the most beautiful views of San Francisco I’ve ever seen.  Here’s my photo review of Twin Peaks’ gorgeous panoramic look out.

Full moon!

Golden Gate Bridge.

Bay Bridge ❤

Lacey and Shannon taking it all in.

This bird was just hovering taking it all in, too 🙂

❤ B

Photographs, Portrait Practice, and Photoshop

21 Dec

Two weekends ago one of my greatest friends and fellow bloggers, Amanda, came down to San Francisco to spend the day eating honey sticks and photographing the city with me.  We cruised the Farmer’s Market, caught up on life and shared photo tips.  She has been taking photo classes and has so much knowledge to share, it’s so fun to be able to hang out with a great friend that we share so many common interests.  You could say we photo-geeked out together but it was an awesome day with her and I can’t wait to do it again!

I’ll start with some of my Ferry Building shots I snapped and you can also see her post about our day here!  Enjoy 🙂

I do love taking photos of the Bay Bridge.

We loved this artichoke flower!

They have no fear in cities.

We bought a few of these and ate them out on the Pier together.  It’s so fun to enjoy the company of a great friend while indulging in a little sugar 🙂

I’ve actually figured out something really interesting I want to do with this photo and will do a tutorial on it soon!  I think it’s going to make a great wall art piece!

There are still vibrant flowers to be found this time of year!

Beautiful feather filled ornaments and a great, simple craft!  Next year, hopefully I’ll have enough space for a tree and I’d like to make all my own ornaments to accompany all of my “special” ornaments received from family and friends throughout the years.

I love all of the Olive Oil tastings.

Fresh and rather large scones.

The most expensive truffle’s I’ve ever seen : )

A mushroom only stand!  Every type of edible fungi you could imagine is located in San Francisco’s Ferry Building.

I’ve never seen more decadent donuts!

Me and Amanda 🙂

Then we went out on Pier 7 to work on shooting portraits.  It’s one of the hardest areas of photography to work on due to what natural lighting is supposed to look like but it was fun to work on with our fellow artist 🙂  I personally love this blown out light on Amanda.  It’s not natural to be that bright but I think it makes her glow.

Amanda 🙂

The beautiful purse Amanda has here is actually a camera bag!!  Can you believe it??  It’s adorable and padded with perfect compartments for camera bodies and lenses.  Definitely a good investment for a photographer!

We both have Canons so it was fun to compare tips and photo ideas.

All photos of me, courtesy of Amanda 🙂  She was showing me how this is the ideal portrait lighting because it’s the most natural and I completely agree.  It’s not blown out light like how I thought I liked portraits.  We had to make shift these though by leaning against a pole (in the right of the frame) to get the shading on us.

I had rented a lens for my concerts so we played around a lot with the L series lens (1.4f 35mm).

She’s talented and pretty, too 🙂  Definitely check her blog for good crafts!

Now for some photoshop fixers!  You know those blown out pictures that I like so much?  Or get a photo you like but it’s blurry?  Well photoshop can change them with the addition of a few key filters!

No filter

Filter – Sketch>Halftone Pattern.  It brings a much more artistic feel to the photo.

No filter and blurry

Filter – Sketch > Conte

I think these are good filters for more artistic shoots.  I don’t use photoshop much but I have it in the case that I don’t LOVE all the photos I shoot for someone.  You can put a few filters or make a photo black and white to bring more emotions to a photo.

Whatever you are taking photos for or working towards, it’s important to always be practicing and trying to hone your skills.  It’s great to be able to get with other photographers or people in your trade to practice as well because you can constantly be bouncing ideas off of one another.  This was a very fun day full of laughs, good conversation and of course photos galore 🙂

Travel Thursdays – House of Air!

3 Nov

This post is more about something fun to do in a destination and what better place than my stomping grounds?!  Ian has been here for about two months now and I’ve been loving every minute of it.  You see, we don’t have a “normal” relationship to some people but I wouldn’t have it any other way right now.  He’s normally traveling all over the country/world for snowboarding and I go visit him.  Then when he gets some downtime, we try to make the best of it.  This has by far been the longest amount of downtime he’s had since we’ve been dating.  When I lived in Tahoe he was living there in the winter but of course for a snowboarder that’s the busiest time of year!  Anyways, now that he’s gearing up for his season he was extended free trampoline training at House of Air in San Francisco (by the Golden Gate).  We’ve often gone to other trampoline training centers for his training but House of Air was set up a little differently than I’ve seen before.  I’ll stop jabbering on now, here are some photos.

It’s set up in a huge hanger right on Chrissy Field (by the Golden Gate) with a wide open front.  Pretty neat set up!

Here’s Ian getting ready to go train haha

They of course had the standard dodgeball court.

I love when places bring old chairlifts in for chairs.  I always thought it’d be cool to have one as a porch swing, if that’s even possible.

You of course always must sign a waiver before jumping.  Some of these trampolines can launch you up to the rafters.

Ian started his warm up in the large trampoline room with another extreme sports athlete.  Him and the big mountain skier were allotted their own time, spotters and trainers at the facility.

You can bounce off the walls as well which is always fun.

You can recover for a minute or two in one of the mini-lounges.

Then it was time to head to the training zone.

Here was the group before Ian and the skier started their training.  They allow anyone to come pay for lessons to learn on the tramps.

Here’s Ian getting some pointers from one of the aerialists.

They also had ropes you could support yourself with or hold onto a handle and practice wake-board tricks.

Ian practicing some spins for this season.  He’s always working on something!

Oh yeah and they even let me bounce!  It’s always so fun but these trampolines intimidate me a little bit because they launch you if you do one bad bounce!

The skier practicing some of his tricks!

This is a great place to practice and train or even just go have fun!  I had my 24th birthday at a trampoline center and it was amazing.  We were duking it out in dodge ball and flipping into foam pits.  It may leave you a little sore but a little exercise never hurts anyone 🙂

Golden Lights

1 Nov

Chinatown, San Francisco

23 Aug

Today for lunch Lindsay and I decided to head up to Chinatown and explore the overwhelming stores.  The shops in Chinatown will shock you because they appear to be small little shops with one door openings but once you step in, it’s like your Alice in Wonderland transporting from the street to a huge indoor market full of trinkets.   OK, some may say junk but it’s really impressive what’s hidden in all the Chinatown crevices.  Here are a few things we found today at lunch.

All of the windows above the Chinatown shops have tons of clothing and/or artifacts hanging outside on display.

I thought this beaded rooster was quite interesting!

One of the neatest shops we found was a huge pet store!  It was about 3 or 4 stories tucked away with all sorts of interesting animals for sale.  This fish was twice as big as my head!

Chinatown is a pretty unique place to peruse.  If you decide to encounter it on your own, make a point to duck into a few stores because you will be very surprised at what you will find!