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Mavericks Festival, the Expendables, and Sunshine

2 Apr

This past Saturday, Mavericks held an event to honor the massive wave event that usually has already happened by this time of year.  However, they could not ever lock down a day to get the surfers to charge for a contest.  There were still surfers who I’m sure were out there catching waves this past winter but there wasn’t an actual contest held.  Surprisingly, we had some sun and a nice day of music and friends.  It was down pouring everywhere else but somehow along the Hwy1 coast line, we had some of the most beautiful weather.

Kite boarders everywhere!

The Expendables playing.

This is just hilarious.

Little kids just loving the music : )

Hanging in the awesome Red Bull truck that our friend takes all over the place to different events.

The Expendables

Cute gamers 🙂

GoPro was also there giving out a few GoPros!  Pretty awesome.

Female Mavericks surfer!

They had a skate set up, too!

I love my friends.

Tonight, we are young

30 Mar

On Wednesday, the band Fun. stopped by the Live105 studios to have some pizza and hang with a few lucky winners.  Chelsea and I headed over to share in the good times.  The smash hit “We Are Young” has just slathered all over the radio air waves.  It’s rotating on multiple San Francisco radio stations and is an anthem to all people wanting to stay young.  It’s a great song to belt out when driving in your car, drinking in a bar, or just kicking back with friends.  If you haven’t heard it, after you listen to it I assure that you will probably listen to it more than once.

(Me, Fun., Chelsea)
They hung out took photos and even drew some masterpieces on their posters.  (More photos can be seen at

And just because I felt the need to include this next youtube clip.  I used to love a band called the Format (favorite song below).  Nate Ruess from The Format, formed Fun. after  The Format’s break up in 2008.  I think he might be a good ingredient for hit songs – just a guess 🙂

Happy Friday everybody!

An afternoon with Lana Del Rey

8 Mar

I’ve been completely mesmerized by Lana Del Rey’s music so when the opportunity came up to shoot some photos of her at work, I jumped at the chance.  I truly think she is one of the most talented singers and really carries her soul in her songs.  Call me crazy but going through a hard break up really made me feel her songs (along with a few other artists).  I’ve always bonded with music on another level but some of her songs I swear she wrote about my life.  She was saying yesterday the reason she likes other artists’ music is because she believes them when they are singing the songs and I feel that exact way about her.  I really believe her when she pours her heart into her songs.

She was nothing but gracious, sweet and lovely.  She popped in to do some on air interviews and perform a few songs.  Beyond being hilarious, she talked freely about the SNL performance that was talked about around the world and also her video montage edits (which she walked in lap top in hand editing one).  Lana was very humble and only the engineer, myself and another photographer were allowed in the studio for her performance.  Her voice is out of this world and even if you have some conflicting thoughts about her, give her another chance.   I feel very lucky that I get to see a lot of albums performed live but not everybody has what Lana Del Rey has.  I promise that she is something extraordinary.

She came totally dressed down and adorable.

My personal favorite of her songs is from her first album.

She’s been making music for a while but this newest album and her videos are what are really putting her on the map.

Music Monday, some weekend keepers and a preview for the upcoming week!

13 Feb

The past week has been quite the week for new music in my world.  With two new previews of some top albums about to drop, my ears have been on sensory overload in the best way possible.

First, James Mercer from the Shins stopped by to play an intimate set show casing some of his new songs off the Shins album to be released (Port of Morrow) in the next month or so.  He played “September” and “Simple Song” off of the new album which were both equally tranquil and beautiful.  I can’t wait to hear the rest of the songs live at Coachella!

Last night was pretty special as well.  If you had any connection to ’90s music then you would know The Cranberries “Linger” or “Zombie” in a heartbeat.  They played those two hits as well as some new songs off of their new album “Roses” to drop next month (it was supposed to be this month but has been pushed back).  I really like “Tomorrow” off of the new album.  It speaks volumes and man oh man does Dolores O’Riordan have some Irish iron lungs.  They sound absolutely fantastic and I continue to look forward to the new album.  One of our radio stations, Alice 97.3, hosted them at a small intimate show at San Francisco’s Infusion Lounge.

I spent a good deal of time at the barn on Saturday just enjoying the day time hours and hanging with the horses.  I guess I’m still that little kid at heart that likes to go out to the barn and spend half my day there.  There’s something so refreshing and peaceful about it.

This isn’t a horse I ride but the way the light was hitting her while the sun was going down was so beautiful!

The rest of this week’s blog posts will be mine and Chelsea’s rendition of San Francisco’s fashion week.  Since it’s New York fashion week right now and I’m headed there Thursday night (not to fashion week but from some leisurely travel), we thought we’d show some of our favorite trends right now to get me ready for the big apple :).

A Playful Playlist

2 Feb

So as the story is told, I’ll be attending the first weekend of Coachella this year.  The tickets are purchased and the coordinating with my music loving friends is happening.  I could not be more excited for the experience of this adventure considering my love for photographing live music and listening to great songs.  Granted I’ve seen a lot of these bands live already but if a musician is good, seeing them live will never get old.  Here’s my first playlist to share of songs that I’m so excited to see played live in Indio and are my recommendations for catching this year at Coachella!

A good playlist to listen to while going for a hike, like this one (above) I went on this past weekend 🙂

La Roux “I’m not your toy”
Miike Snow “Sylvia”
Grace Potter and the Nocturnals “Goodbye Kiss”
Manchester Orchestra “I’ve got friends”
Cat Power “New York”
GROUPLOVE “Lovely Cup” (I’m obsessed with this band right now, they are phenomenal)
Justice “We are your friends”
Gotye “Eyes wide open”
At the Drive In “One Armed Scissor” (Classic song)
Florence (naturally :D) every song (here and here)
M83 – the entire new album but “Midnight City” is their most famous hit of the moment.
Radiohead “High and Dry”

So much great music to be heard at Coachella this year – Enjoy!

American Idol kicking off again

20 Jan

I have to admit American Idol a great show to watch.  Although time has been of the essence lately, maybe I’ll record some episodes to catch up on this weekend while the rain comes down.  I do enjoy listening to talented singers (maybe it has something to do with my major love for music?).   Anyways, Adam Lambert stopped by the morning shows to do some interviews and hang out.  Very, very nice guy and gracious for all the support his fans have been giving him.

Happy Friday everybody, I know I’m looking forward to a low key weekend filled with movies, horses and rain.
❤ B

Friendship Friday

13 Jan


One of my best friends Kimmie and I have been friends now for 8 years.  So crazy to put the amount of time in numbers.  Throughout all the ups and downs that life can bring you, we’ve always stayed present in each others lives and have been there for each other through it all.  I was surprised by this three day weekend after the holidays and when I realized that Kimmie was only a flight away, I thought Carpe Diem.  I booked a flight to Southern California where her and I will spend a weekend catching up on life, love and friendship.  She’s a fantastic videographer and we plan lots of nerd photo/video dates 🙂  Next week I will have tons to share on the southern parts of California.  Until then, I’m off again.  Everyone have a WONDERFUL weekend and I hope you all do something that you’ll never forget.  Also, I’ll leave you with some good traveling songs.


I’ve always loved this music video.

Enjoy and Happy Friday!
❤ B

The line up is here!

9 Jan

I will NOT miss this year.  Mission: Music, Photos, Friends.

Top 5 Albums Released in 2011

22 Dec

Now that my music love has been boldly expressed throughout my blog, I thought I’d throw my 5 favorite albums of the year out since there have been so many out of this world ones released this year!  These albums are not to be missed or overlooked.

The Naked and Famous – Passive Me, Aggressive You

Florence and the Machine – Ceremonials

The Wombats – This Modern Glitch

Grouplove – Never Trust a Happy Song

Foster the People – Torches
You may be over “Pumped Up Kicks” but the rest of the album is wonderful.

All of these albums I can listen to from beginning to end and deserve the nod of top 5 albums of 2011 in my book 🙂

Flo Rida, Gym Class Heroes and more – oh my!

22 Dec

I was so happy to be asked to participate in San Francisco’s 997 Now!’s Triple Ho Show holiday concert (held at the HP Pavillion in San Jose, home of the San Jose Sharks!) because I’d never been to a pop show ever before!  It’s been a pretty exciting few years for 997Now! because they have really flourished in our market and made a name for themselves from scratch.  It’s been a blast watching them gain momentum and not to mention get to meet all of the amazing artists that they play on the airwaves.  The listeners are also some of the most amazing people and getting to see them at this show really brings to heart how much other people connect with music.  Here are a few photos for a recap through my lens.  Enjoy 🙂

Taio Cruz

“I throw my hands into the air sometimes, saying ayyyyyoooo”

The opener was a band called Breathe Carolina and this picture sums them up pretty well.  Nice people but an odd assortment to the mix.

Ahh yes and then there was Travy McCoy with Gym Class Heroes.

He had a guest singer called Lady Ivy or something like that.  I can’t remember but she came out and sang a track with them.

Travy had everyone put hearts in the air.  It was really cool.  I was running around trying to capture everyone’s hearts and got a few photos of it.

Flo Rida making his rounds in the building!

I love the lighting in this photo.

Selena Gomez in her sparkling red one-sy.

LMFAO!  One of my favorites of the night.

And Pitbull to finish off the night!

It was an action filled night and something I’d never seen before.  The entire night was fast paced and fun.  997 Now! really pulled off a wonderful event that had people singing and dancing all night long.  I can’t wait to see what next year’s event has in store!