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Magnetic Pretty

9 Apr

Over the weekend, I was perusing Sephora with none other than my right hand fashion woman (Chelsea) because I had a gift card to spend there.  We stumbled upon this AWESOME nail polish that I’d never seen before.  I’d heard of it but wasn’t exactly sure what it was.  We were testing it out and when we realized how easy it was to use, I was instantly hooked.  It’s a great way of giving yourself a quick manicure that looks like you spent lots of time perfecting.  It’s kind of expensive at about $18 a bottle but I figure there has to be at least 25 coats in the bottle.  They have about 7-10 different colors in the Nails Inc brand that I bought (I got turquoise) but I’m sure there are other brands that will start coming out with this for cheaper.  You paint the coat on your nails, which I only needed one, and then flip the lid of the bottle over to hover over the freshly painted nail.  The magnet pull the paint in different directions to give the polish the fun texture.

I’m not the best at manicuring myself but you can see more what it looks like here.

In the sun, it gets even a little brighter.  You can also hold the magnet over the nails for as short or long as you want creating different definitions in the lines.

The bottle that I got and love.

I hope everyone had a GREAT Easter weekend!  I spent lots of time with family, baking and with the horses – I know all of this is shocking, right? 🙂

Lovely Litter!

4 Apr

While watching one of my absolute favorite shows, Shark Tank (thanks to my dad and Vicki for showing me this awesome show), I fell in love with one of the contestants products and the creators/designers are from San Francisco!!  I had to blog about the amazing-ness of these women.  They create unique body jewelry made from scrap chain pieces and the company is called Litter.  (All images below are from their website)

They are so creative and make some of the most unique pieces I’ve ever seen.  I’m so proud to say that such awesome designers are from right here in San Francisco!

Here are some of my favorite pieces from their collections:

So elegant and beautiful.

Also, I’m trying to win some of their AMAZING jewelry and need your help.  I’ve posted a photo on their Facebook page with an outfit and the piece I want to wear to Coachella.  If it gets enough ‘likes’ they will send some of their amazing pieces my way!  Can you help me get likes?  Thank you so much and definitely check out their AMAZING jewelry!  You can also become my friend on facebook as well : )  I haven’t had time to add the widgets yet to my home page but I’ll try to do so soon.  Have a great day!

Spring is bringing out some of my favorite colors

21 Mar

Despite the trickling rain, we still decided to carry on with our photo shoot ideas on Saturday.  I’ve driven by this field a thousand times in my life and for about one month a year, it really flourishes and fills with these beautiful yellow flowers.  What you don’t see is that we are standing in about ankle deep mud while the rain was drizzling down.  You’d never know it by these photos but a little rain never hurt anybody and we are always up for a little slopping around.  Here’s the last location photos from last weekends shoot!


Stopping to smell the flowers : )

(Photo by Henry Houghton)

(Photo by Henry Houghton)

Up close 🙂

(Photo by Henry Houghton)

Marley really took the mud on like a champ!  Considering half his body was sucked into it!

He’s sooo cute!

Me 🙂  The hat helped block some of the rain!

I love the sheer of this dress.

(Photo by Henry Houghton)

Trying to wrangle the balloons haha

(Photo by Henry Houghton)

(Photo by Henry Houghton)

Photos were shot by Henry and Lesly for my photos but they have all sort of blended now so I’m sorry if I screwed up any of the photo credits you two!  Let me know if so 🙂

I was laughing pretty much the whole time because I have zero knowledge of modeling which makes the entire experience more entertaining.  Lesly is such a pro, every shot we snapped of her was perfect and she was done so quick.  It took me a long while before getting some OK shots.  It was way fun to put some ideas to the camera though and I love that I have people around willing to humor me even when I’m trying to shove a bunch of balloon in the back of the car while wearing a hoodie over a fancy dress and moccasins!  Ohhh it was a sight!


The secret garden does exist

20 Mar

OK, here is the first location we shot at on Saturday.

We even got Lesly dog, Marley, to come to the shoot 🙂  Although, he’s painfully shy so this was the only real photo we got with him looking anywhere near the camera.


Trying to create something out of my crazy balloon ideas.
These first three shots were taken on my canon 60D and now you will see the difference from these and Henry’s photos on his Canon 5D Mark II.  My shots are a little bit too warm and not as crisp.  The rest of the photos below are courtesy of professional photographer, Henry Houghton.

I love this shot with the ivy tucking into the left side of the photo.  Lesly was sooo easy to shoot.  She’s really good at catching the light and creating beautiful photos with only one click.

I love the sheer of this dress.  This is the same dress as my post from yesterday (same with Lesly’s).

I love uneven skirts.dresses.  There’s something about them that add personality to just a look.

Trying to do balloon shots didn’t work out for me so well haha.  It started raining pretty good for a moment so we decided to call it and move on to the next location.

As you can see the softer toned photos came out much better in Henry’s photos.  I adjusted the first three that I took in photo shop to contrast the green and red (through curves).  The photos just aren’t as natural as the ones from Henry’s camera.  It’s great to be able to learn all throughout this process!

In the daylight anywhere feels like home

19 Mar

I don’t know about everyone else but besides for these photo shoots I had one of those weekends where I just didn’t want to do anything but sleep or lounge.  I’ve been on the go so much that I was really looking forward to decompressing.  Instead of going out to a pub on St. Patrick’s Day I decided to try to hone some of my creative thoughts with other creative masterminds.

For a while now I’ve had some photo ideas that I wanted to try to put to life.  I scoped two locations that I thought would be cool for another run at fashion photos and asked my friend Lesly (who models) and Henry (who is a very talented photographer) to come along.  There were many behind the scenes stories and many more photos that I will show throughout the week.  Here’s a preview of what’s to come!

Lesly rocking this $9.00 Forever21 gown (no joke, this was an amazingly elegant look for less than what your lunch probably cost!).  This lush canopied way was someones driveway I’d seen driving by earlier.  Thankfully no one thought it was weird that we wanted to shoot some photos there 🙂

The next spot for shooting was this vibrant field.  This is me in a Forever21 dress as well which you will see better in the next posts.  The hat is from Haight St in San Francisco for under $10 and the necklace (unseen here) I made which I will feature this week, too.

Both of these shots were taken with my Canon 60D but Henry took some amazing photos with his Canon 5D MarkII and some amazing lenses.  I’ll make sure to let you know the settings and what has been done post production.  Lots of good things on the horizon so Happy Monday to everybody!

Sparkle skins for your nails!

13 Mar

While I was in Tahoe, Emily was showing me her awesome gold sparkled nails and I just loved them.  I try to paint my nails but with horse back riding, playing my guitar, and other hobbies not conducive to cute nails, I have a hard time keeping any sort of color on them.  She has shown me what can work for me though and I just love how practical they are.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects come in the above packaging and are supposedly only one manicure but I got a full stretched manicure out of only one set of stickers (box comes with two).  They are very easy to apply and they really latch onto the nail lasting through all the wear and tear.  I chose the vibrant sparkles since we were heading to another monster truck show 🙂  There are probably about 20-30 different varieties of patterns to chose from though, including solid colors.

Here’s mine and Em’s gold nails.  Emily suggests that you put a clear coat of nail polish on after you have applied the nail skins to really hold it on.  I keep forgetting to put that on but mine have still been going strong!  These are a great way to feel feminine even for the most active girls.  I can’t wait to try all of the other colors.  I got mine at CVS and I’m sure you can also find them at Target’s and other drug stores for about $10 a pack.

Fashion Finale

17 Feb

OK, so this won’t be the last fashion post considering how much fun it was but here are the last few pictures from the shoot that provided this week’s worth of fashion posts.  Enjoy and Happy Friday!

I’ve been seeing these flowers all over San Francisco lately and I love them.  They are gorgeous!

Chelsea is wearing an Anthropology top and skirt.

It was honestly a blast shooting these photos and I can’t wait to do another one.  I hope everyone has a wonderful three day weekend!

Romantic Dress

16 Feb

OK, onto the next fashion post.  We have been loving all the long maxi dresses and I’m currently obsessed with skirts/dresses with a see through bottom half.  They are so elegant and easy.

Chelsea’s is a Forever21 dress (I’m telling you, it’s amazing the pieces you can get from that store for less than your dinner!).  I love the colors on her and the flow from the high cut in the front to the longer train in the back.

I love the movement in her hair here.

She’s such an easy model to shoot because I could have used almost every frame that I took on this day!

My favorite goddess style dress that I got at a small affordable boutique on Haight St.  I love everything about the detailing on this dress and the style of it.

I love this dress and with the unusually warm days we’ve had on occasion, it’s such a nice piece to throw on while strolling a music festival or farmer’s market!

Hair jewels for the head band lover

15 Feb

I love accessories, especially head bands.  Chelsea and I both have a special be-dazzled head band that we adore and never can figure out where to wear them or what to wear them with.  These head bands could be so simple to make and they are a nice touch to a plain dress.  Day 2 of our mock fashion week continues 🙂

I absolutely love this photo.  Chelsea’s head band is from Anthropology.

I love the detailing of the white oval beads.  So simple but pretty.

My head band is a very simple silver braided head band.  I found this special piece at a Pure Beauty store for a whopping $4!

I love the loose elastic of this one as well because it’s not too tight and can just be rested on top of your hair instead of squeezing it down like some of the other head bands like this.  You could also easily make something like this at home – sounds like a good DIY to me 🙂

I’ll reveal the dresses from this shoot tomorrow.  Happy Wednesday!

Urban dress

14 Feb

Chelsea and I no doubt have a love for looking at others fashion blogs.  One of the things I love most about them is the photography.  I love the outfits and ideas but most of all I love the photos and how a simple outfit and a simple area combined can become spectacular.  These next few posts are our attempts at a few fashion posts.  Chelsea is great for these sort of shoots because she already looks like a model!  It was definitely a learning process but I have to admit we laughed really hard all day long on these shoots.  It was definitely a lot of fun!

This is one of my favorite dresses from, surprise of the year, Forever21!  In case you couldn’t tell from past posts, I absolutely LOVE that store.  (Shoes are Urban Outfitters) This outfit I’m wearing would be a great Spring outfit and Chelsea’s a great Fall outfit – Enjoy!

This mural had some of the most beautiful and vibrant colors.

I just love the way this skirt moves!

Chelsea in Urban Outfitters shoes, Forever21 felt hat (so Florence I love it), and Charlotte Russe shorts/top.

She’s straight out of an Anthropology magazine.  It was way fun to shoot photos of her!

Love the heart necklace.

I love this one!

OK, the rest of the week entails some more fashion posts but then I’m off on a trip that will leave my blog full of travel photos next week!

Happy Valentine’s Day!