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The Ultimate Rain Boots.

11 Dec

Love sorels!

DSC_0796Before I left for my trip I picked up a pair of these awesome Sorel rain boots. I am crazy about combat style boots, if I could live in a shoe it would be a combat boot. So, you can imagine it was love at first sight. I wore them all throughout New Zealand as it was unseasonably cold. I can’t recommend these boots more, they are so comfortable and completely waterproof.

DSC_0835(I love the subtle wedge)


DSC_0829(Queenstown, New Zealand. It was a pretty chilly day but these boots kept my feet cozy)

DSC_0824(Water just trickles off the boots)

FullSizeRender(Awesome photographer credit: B. Gould)

 There is an intense storm hitting San Francisco as we speak but it looks like I am prepared!

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From Coogee to Bondi.

10 Dec

DSC_0002Before leaving for Sydney, my Australian friends and travelers told us the one thing we needed to do was the walk from Coogee to Bondi beach. It ended up being one of our best days there!

DSC_0016(Our starting point- Coogee Beach)

DSC_0034(We walked along the coast and saw some beautiful homes as well as these cool mosaic stairs – reminiscent of San Francisco)

DSC_0057(The waves were pretty high that day which was super refreshing as the temperature hit to around 90 degrees!)

DSC_0067(This was a cool find- a very old cemetery along the water)

DSC_0089(I found this oddly cool- a swimming club on the beach. Hmm)

DSC_0091(We made it to the famous Bondi Beach! This area is a lot like San Diego, people running around in bikinis and ice cream for days)

The water was too cold for me to brave but the scenery was spectacular!

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9 Dec


I have just returned from a 3 week trip to Australia and New Zealand. It was so much fun but I am happy to be home and sleeping in my own bed! While I have so many amazing things that I am going to share with you, I want to start with my favorite night of the trip- the evening we spent in Hobbiton. Oh yes, it’s real. And if you are anything like me- you are obsessed with the magic of these incredible films. Being there made me relive the fun and fantasy all over again. If you have a chance to go to the North island of New Zealand, don’t miss this one of a kind attraction!

DSC_0523_2(A glance of the Shire- 44 Hobbit homes in all)

DSC_0528_2(Each home is carefully constructed to look completely real, while the inside is hollow)

DSC_0559(I loved the grass on all of…

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Snow Update.

8 Dec


If you love skiing or snowboarding like me, you love the winter time living near ski areas.  I like to get up to Tahoe as much as I can no matter what the season but I’m happy winter is here.  There isn’t much snow up there but most of the resorts have opened so it was nice to get back on my board with some friends.

Squaw on Saturday.

At certain points it was very hard to see with the low lying clouds.

Being silly with Brie, my favorite snowboarder babe.

The sunset was a beautiful one.  Normally, this area would be covered in snow.  We still need a good storm to come through and cover everything.

It’s so weird to not see everything covered in snow by December!  Here’s the Truckee River.

Shirley, Gold Coast, and Siberia were the main chairlifts open at Squaw this weekend.  The mountain run…

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Twin Falls, Keanae, and Surf.

5 Dec

I have been going to Hawaii every since I was a little girl with my family.  We go once a year to see friends and family and of course just relax.  One of the things I’ve heard about from time to time, but have never really experienced, is the Road to Hana.  When my step-dad, Darrin, and friend, Amanda, were up for the adventure we decided we would check out a few sites on the Road to Hana.  I wanted to see a waterfall and a special beach and I’d say we got both!

Our first stop was Twin Falls which is a few waterfalls a short walking distance from the parking area.  At the opening of the path is this cute little farm-stand.

The path ways are very easy and also very lush.

There were a few wet areas but that’s part of what makes it so beautiful!


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Friend Feature – Aloha Amanda!

4 Dec


 I was so so so happy to get to spend some time with my friend and college roommate Amanda while in Hawaii.  She moved to Oahu about two years ago with her husband to pursue her dream of owning her own business and having a grand adventure by living somewhere completely new!  In college, we literally shared our entire closets with each other and were laughing about how much we miss those days.  Some weekends we would just wear one outfit one night and then swap for the next.  I’d still swap outfits with her any day 🙂

Love these cute lace trimmed shorts from Express!

We also had so much fun decking ourselves out in flash tattoos.

IMG_1509She paired the lace trim shorts with a gorgeous and comfortable top from Young, Broke, and Fabulous (more styles here!).

It’s always great to be reunited with a good friend.  Even…

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Hawaiian Skies 2014.

2 Dec


One of my favorite parts of the time I spend in Hawaii each year are the incredibly vibrant sunsets.  I love to sit on the beach and watch the colors change until they disappear.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of sunrises as well but the sunsets from this last week were just out of this world beautiful.


IMG_1669Sunset cruises drifting through the islands.

Pink clouds.

Through the palm trees.


I have tons and tons of Maui sunset photos but didn’t want to overload you.  If you find yourself in Hawaii ever, make sure to watch the sun set.

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Hawaiian Headband.

1 Dec

My two best co-workers turned friends from my previous job sent me off to Hawaii with some fun fashion finds including this headband (find a similar winter holiday headband HERE).  I love headbands like these and find that warm vacations are the best time to break ’em out.

Pair a fun headband up with a simple top and colorful shorts.

Perfect Hawaiian accessories and easy to pack!

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