Come Fly With Me.

26 Dec


 My brother is a pilot and has always had an extreme love for flying.  My step dad wanted to try out flying as well so my mom gave him a flight lesson for their anniversary this year.  We went along to check it out and to my surprise they asked me if I wanted to come along in the plane as well.  Of course, I hopped on this opportunity.  I love flying and find it to be very peaceful.  Snapping photos along the way, this is what I saw.

(Learning the ropes with his instructor, Justin, from Ahart Aviation)

(It was a beautiful day out)

(Mt. Diablo)


IMG_7676(We saw the blimp taking off when we were landing!)

This inspiration to fly came from my brother who is a true American hero.  He has been flying ever since he could and now is a pilot for the Air Force.  His pictures are…

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