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BART Strike 2013 Alternatives.

15 Oct

IFL Headquarters is concerned for those affected (us) in the event of a BART strike. Millions if not billions of commuters depend on the BART daily to get to and from work, and for the past few days we have been anxiously awaiting news of an imminent strike. You’ve all heard of the alternatives- carpool, bus routes, ferry’s, piggybacking, yada yada yada. You want real options- and we’ve got them!

1. Wakeboarding

water ski

(Strap your board to the back of a ferry to save on time- you won’t have to wait for hundreds of irritable commuters to unload the ferry before you, you’ll be the very first one off!)

2. RocketBoat.


(Hop on the RocketBoat at Pier 39, with speeds of up to 150 mph (speed could not be confirmed at time of print) you’ll be across the bay in no time!)

3. Water Bike

Water Bike(We calculated that this contraption would…

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Free Friday.

4 Oct

I love the ocean.


I’ve been training for a 10k to feed the hungry in SF which I can honestly say I never thought I’d be doing since I don’t love running.  When my co-workers mentioned it though and that our donations would help feed hungry children in San Francisco, I figured now was the time to run if ever.  Last night while on a good run along Ocean Beach, I felt very grateful.  I’m grateful for a lot and especially these indian summer evenings.  I can’t believe my training grounds at times.  To end my run, I decided to walk down to the water just to take some last deep breathes of the fresh, warm air.  This is when I came across the most beautiful site, a man draping bubbles across the skyline.




imageI couldn’t stop watching.  It was one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen.

imageJust floating.




Maybe Mr Bubbles will be…

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