Light Smokey Eye How-To

14 May

Same make up pallet, different eyes

For an evening Summer look, the smokey eye is always a great go-to! If you have lighter eyes, it will really make them pop; if you have darker eyes, it will create a more sultry look.


(Start with a color pallet that works for your eye color. Britt’s eyes are blue so pinks and greys work best for this look)

Makeup-Tutorial-First-Step(Apply the lightest color to your entire eyelid)

Makeup-Tutorial-Second-Step(Use the darkest color to fill in the crease)

Makup-Tutorial-Third-Step(Apply shimmer under the brow and use a dark mascara)

Makeup-Tutorial-Final(Voila! It’s really simple!)

I love this  look because it really does make your eye stand out. And it’s so easy to do, that’s the best part!

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One Response to “Light Smokey Eye How-To”

  1. Martyn Thompson May 14, 2013 at 1:30 pm #

    So on this basis, I need to use pinks & grey? But what about my nails ??? 😛

    I love reading your blog, always makes me smile 😉

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