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11 Feb


IMG_7005They’re round, moist, and delicious! We LOVE buns! Especially cinnamon buns with lots of icing! With Valentine’s Day just around the corner we decided to get creative and turn something delicious into something thoughtful!

cinnamon buns(First, use a pre-made cinnamon bun like Pillsbury and spread them out about 2 inches from each other on a baking sheet)

heart shaped cinnamon buns(Mold the dough into heart shapes)

cooking cinnamon buns(Cook according to directions and watch those buns rise!)

IMG_7023iced cinnamon buns(Ice the warm buns and sprinkle with your favorite color sugar crystals!)

cinnamon bunDon’t you want a piece of this gooey deliciousness? Treat your honey or bestie to this on Valentine’s Day and you will have their heart forever!

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8 Feb

When to find the right lighting

IMG_6985Now that we’ve taken a few photos for our blog, we’ve come to pick up a few tips and wanted to pass along one to fellow bloggers.  The best portrait lighting we’ve come by has been right before sunset, what can be deemed as the golden hour.  The sun is almost right across from the subject and not creating any dark shadows.  This time of day also adds a dramatic flare to your surroundings.  Be careful though, you must work fast!  Once the sun starts dropping it only seems to move faster.

IMG_6954(Even lighting creates the illusion that it’s still daytime with the warm tones)

IMG_6967(Once the sun is halfway over the horizon, you’ll see the awesome sun flare lighting.  This lasts maybe 10 minutes if you’re lucky but worth the photos)


If you’re a photographer and looking for something new and somewhat challenging to try, grab your friends and…

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7 Feb

Chelsea breaks it down!

Valentines Day SUrpriseDo you think the whole Valentine’s gift/chocolate/flower exchanging thing is a little archaic? Uh, yeah, we totally do too. But in case you don’t we thought we could help you decide what to get your honey on this special day. Of course, we’re not expecting anything or whatever.



(Something timeless and tasteful, of course. But everyone knows that the bigger the rock means the more you love her. That’s what Tiger Woods and Kobe Bryant told me)



(A girl can never have enough purses. I don’t even have enough stuff to fill all of mine up with but I could always use one more!)



(People LOVE animals. I am pretty sure your boyfriend or girlfriend would LOVE to care for this cutie for the next seven years)

Handwritten Love Notes!

love notes

(The simplest of gestures are often the most appreciated. Leave little notes around for him/her, it…

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6 Feb

IMG_6830I can’t explain my fascination with comparing things to crack.  It just seems like people use the term crack when talking about very addicting things and you know, sprinkles are very addicting to me.  Therefore I present, Sprinkle Crack!  You may remember these pretty sprinkles that I used in this recent post when making Cake in a Cup.  They have resurfaced in creating special lattes/coffees!  This is just to add a little more happy to your day.

IMG_6829(It’s these beautiful crystalized, sprinkles again.  You can use them for so many great things)

IMG_6835(Just add them to the top of your frothed milk.  I have this little handheld frother that works great or when at my parents’, they have a milk steamer which is heaven!)

IMG_6851(To enjoy it even more, I throw on some heart glasses and drink that bad boy down.  Instant motivation to have an over the top fabulous…

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