11 Oct

Holy hell, this was fun!

Maybe I should explain this a little bit more… When I was in Louisiana, I was dying to see some gators.  We don’t get to see them in CA and I feel like it’s such a Southern thing to go see Gators on the Bayou.  Of course you can sign up for Gator Tours at various places so my friend, Lauren, and I picked this tour based on the fact that we’d get to hold a gator on this specific tour.  Major win.  Why we would want to do this?  I don’t know except that I think it’s awesome!  We could not have guessed that they feed the gators what they call “swamp crack” which really means marshmallows… So does this mean I love swamp crack????  I guess so.  Anyway, they also eat fish and were fed chicken necks.  It’s a wide variety on the gator menu.

(Our tour was…

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