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Stop motion – Inspiring stuff

16 Mar

Being so big into photography and inspiring things, I am so in love with stop motion.  It’s something that’s always there in my mind festering because someday I’d like to create my own stop motion short.  My mind moves so fast though, it’s hard to latch on to one story line.  For those of you who don’t know what stop motion is, it’s movies that are made from single photographic frames.  I’ve posted two of my absolute favorites below.  There’s something about the combination of a good song with a good visual that really inspires me.

And this beautiful piece with music by A Fine Frenzy…

Enjoy these shorts and have a wonderful weekend!

My favorite Bostons are back!

15 Mar

Just ’cause they’re cute, I thought I’d put up my photos of Em and Matt’s Boston Terriers (that have made an appearance on my blog many times now) that I shot last weekend.  Hopefully they make somebody else smile out there, too 🙂







Battle!  These two wrestle and pretend to battle all day long.

They can be so cute and so (pretend) ferocious sometimes!

Mid battle pause HAHA!

I hope this gave you a good laugh like they did me when I was reviewing them.  We are almost to Friday and that’s a wonderful feeling :)!

Here is now and now is where I want to be

14 Mar

Some Instagram photos and some just straight from my iPhone with no filters.  Haven’t done one of these in a while so I thought I’d share some more photos from on the go.  Here’s a look at things I’ve liked or found interesting over the past month or so.

First flight on Virgin America was colorful 🙂

Cute idea for a mini arrangement.  This was a mini glass with mini roses.  Adorable.

It’s not perfect but I finally have figured out how to draw on my own nails.

My night rides.

Found a cool, extreme (and hidden) Ping Pong bar in the mission district of SF.  Pretty awesome spot.

Loving these braided and bright bracelets from Express.  Both me and Chelsea had to have them.

A dripping sunrise on the way to work.

Lights, lights and more lights.

Crepes on Haight St in San Francisco.

Em relaxing on the Phazer…

Pretty skies.

My favorite, Grand Central Station – New York.

Brandy Melville rings.

Enjoying New York pizza!

Hartford, Connecticut.

Through the window photo of the building above in Hartford.

Hiking in Northern California.

Love this area in Golden Gate Park.

Sugarbowl with Emily.

Em at the top of the Judah side of Sugarbowl.

Top of the De Young museum in San Francisco.

Taking photos of Chelsea and her shadows 🙂

Lunch lounging.  Nothing better in the middle of a work day.

I’ll try to do these more often.  They are such a great reflection on places I’ve been and great things I’ve seen.  Have a great day!

Sparkle skins for your nails!

13 Mar

While I was in Tahoe, Emily was showing me her awesome gold sparkled nails and I just loved them.  I try to paint my nails but with horse back riding, playing my guitar, and other hobbies not conducive to cute nails, I have a hard time keeping any sort of color on them.  She has shown me what can work for me though and I just love how practical they are.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects come in the above packaging and are supposedly only one manicure but I got a full stretched manicure out of only one set of stickers (box comes with two).  They are very easy to apply and they really latch onto the nail lasting through all the wear and tear.  I chose the vibrant sparkles since we were heading to another monster truck show 🙂  There are probably about 20-30 different varieties of patterns to chose from though, including solid colors.

Here’s mine and Em’s gold nails.  Emily suggests that you put a clear coat of nail polish on after you have applied the nail skins to really hold it on.  I keep forgetting to put that on but mine have still been going strong!  These are a great way to feel feminine even for the most active girls.  I can’t wait to try all of the other colors.  I got mine at CVS and I’m sure you can also find them at Target’s and other drug stores for about $10 a pack.

Is winter finally on it’s way to the Sierras?!

12 Mar

I spent the weekend with my friends in Tahoe again and it was beyond beautiful.  It’s a tad eerie though, the lacking amount of snow that they have for this time of year.  After a sunny, beautiful snowboarding day at Sugarbowl on Saturday just playing in the slush, we took a scenic route home winding down towards Donner Lake.

The views of Donner Lake are so beautiful.

After a fun filled snowboard day on Saturday, we headed to Reno for another Monster Truck show!  We are on a roll, these things are literally so awesome.  However, we didn’t realize how good we had it last time when we saw them in Oakland.  The Reno venue was much smaller which didn’t allow for any rolls or mass destruction of machinery.  They did have much better in-between racing which included little dune trucks and dirt bike jumping!  I’ll post pictures from that soon 🙂

  On Sunday, I enjoyed a nice lunch with Em and then went to the Lake to shoot some photos of the storm coming in.  The colors really light up and contrast over amazing Lake Tahoe.  I think there may actually be some snow finally coming in this week and that’s great news for Tahoe.  I can’t wait to see and hear what becomes of this upcoming storm!

At this point, little snow pellets were flying towards me as the winds picked up.

It’s weird to see sand and not snow on the beaches this time of year!

Hopefully there is a huge storm about to blanket the Sierras and if so you bet I’ll be back there to make some turns and take some photos.

Sorry about my post on Friday, I was trying to embed the Kony 2012 video but was having technical difficulties.  None the less, check it out – it’s pretty amazing the change one person can make.

Happy Monday!

An afternoon with Lana Del Rey

8 Mar

I’ve been completely mesmerized by Lana Del Rey’s music so when the opportunity came up to shoot some photos of her at work, I jumped at the chance.  I truly think she is one of the most talented singers and really carries her soul in her songs.  Call me crazy but going through a hard break up really made me feel her songs (along with a few other artists).  I’ve always bonded with music on another level but some of her songs I swear she wrote about my life.  She was saying yesterday the reason she likes other artists’ music is because she believes them when they are singing the songs and I feel that exact way about her.  I really believe her when she pours her heart into her songs.

She was nothing but gracious, sweet and lovely.  She popped in to do some on air interviews and perform a few songs.  Beyond being hilarious, she talked freely about the SNL performance that was talked about around the world and also her video montage edits (which she walked in lap top in hand editing one).  Lana was very humble and only the engineer, myself and another photographer were allowed in the studio for her performance.  Her voice is out of this world and even if you have some conflicting thoughts about her, give her another chance.   I feel very lucky that I get to see a lot of albums performed live but not everybody has what Lana Del Rey has.  I promise that she is something extraordinary.

She came totally dressed down and adorable.

My personal favorite of her songs is from her first album.

She’s been making music for a while but this newest album and her videos are what are really putting her on the map.

Where have all the hobbies gone???

7 Mar

After a day of surfing Saturday, I spent Sunday with my Dad and Vicki going to a hobby train show in Santa Clara.  Ever since I was little my mom and dad both instilled in my brother and I that a true hobby is so important in life.  Hence, me with horses and my brother with airplanes.

We were discussing over the weekend though how incredible it is that there were actually kids at this train show and a good handful of them.  It seems in the past 5-10 years, the amount of kids having hobbies of this kind have dropped drastically with the evolving of the internet.  Don’t get me wrong, I blog, I have a facebook, I tweet, but I also never take getting outside for granted.  Growing up, we didn’t come inside until the sun went down.  I’d be roller blading in the circle with my friends or out at the barn until I was forced home.  Same with my brother, he spent many hours just washing airplanes so that he could learn about them before he was old enough to fly them.  For this, I’m so thankful to my parents for instilling hard working hobbies that require a lot of responsibility as well.  On weekends, we were skiing or biking or just spending time outdoors together making road trips to places we’d never seen. I can’t tell you one tv show I loved as a kid.  I’m sure I watched but I wasn’t always waiting for it to come on the tv.  I know the internet is a great thing but I really do wish that more families put the effort into showing their kids the real world outside of the internet and tv.  This train show we went to over the weekend though gave me hope that more kids are interested in actually working on a greater hobby.

My dad’s hobby has always been train collections (as well as real life size trains) and ever since I can remember, we would go to these collectable train meets. He builds large lay outs and works on the machinery he has.  There is really only about one train show a year now, where there used to be 4 or 5.  The train venders are very smart and also carry other interesting pieces besides just trains to keep people’s eyes moving and offer more than just for the train lover. Anyways, enough of my rambling and here are the photos I took.  Enjoy!


Train lay outs.

Of course I liked the one with the horses on the lay out.

There was an entire lay out made out of legos.  King Kong of legos.

Really cool bird houses.

Vicki perusing.

The smallest attention to detail!

So many handcrafted things.

Vintage lanterns.  These are so awesome!

Hand made by thin sliced wood.

Layered slivers.

So cute.

Oh wouldn’t you know there was a cute San Francisco setting 🙂

They came out with an awesome lantern and bird house!

There was an artist at this show that did these amazing 3-D pieces of art that I will feature later in the week.  They are wall pieces that are so incredibly detailed and look different from every angle.

What are your hobbies?

French Toast Spice – Ginger!

6 Mar

I do love french toast so much and although it’s a very easy thing to make, I love always trying new spices.  You can pretty much add anything into your French Toast mix but Chelsea and I found a combo that was more than delicious.  We went to Safeway and bought a fresh French/Sourdough loaf from the bakery. We sliced it into thick pieces and began our batter combo.  Although it’s not the healthiest, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and therefore you can eat the most for breakfast to fuel up.  Here’s our recipe for some of the best French Toast I’ve ever had!

Thick sliced fresh bread
4 egg whites, 1 whole egg
Large splash of Vanilla (this is all dependent on the flavor you like)
Cinnamon (to flavor)
Ginger (to flavor) – lately I love Ginger anything!
**You can also squeeze seasonal fruit into the mix like an orange or lemon wedge!**

Mix everything together in a bowl and then just start dipping and cooking!

Then you can put whatever toppings you like on.  I’m simple, butter and flavored syrups.

This really is so simple and so delicious. An easy breakfast to make for weekend visitors.  I never knew how easy it was to experiment with different spices and French Toast but it’s definitely worth stepping out of the box for!

Bucket Listing in the California Surf

5 Mar

I’ve been spending my time lately just hanging out with good friends, family and working on getting physically stronger/in better shape.  It’s so important for the mind and body to be taking care of yourself and working out.  It’s been so helpful being surrounded by people who are up for anything and that I just enjoy their company.  My good friend, Lesly, has been such a wonderful new friend in my life!  We go and try a new restaurant once a week and share a love for board sports.  It’s been on my bucket list to surf in CA because I only have surfed in Hawaii when I go see my family about once a year.  It’s something that I’ve always found incredibly peaceful and something that I had wished I had more access to.  Lesly has her own board and wetsuit and knows the waters in Northern California well.  It’s very important to respect the water and know what you are getting yourself into.

With the weather really warming up this weekend (73 degrees and no wind), we hit Pacifica on Saturday for a nice long boarding session.  I had a blast with her and can’t wait to do it again soon!

We had less than half mile to go so we just shoved the boards in the back of Lesly’s car haha!

Just taking the Ferrari to the beach.

Pacifica is a great place to enjoy the ocean.  The swell was very small this weekend which was great for me and it was very relaxing.  There is also a Taco Bell right on the beach to re-fuel after surfing 🙂  That’s not part of my getting fit routine but it definitely screams your name after paddling for a few hours.  Happy Monday everybody!

Friday Reads – Tattoos on the Heart

2 Mar

My mom gave me a book last weekend to check out called Tattoos on the Heart – The Power of Boundless Compassion by Gregory Boyle.  At first I was reluctant to read it because I really need uplifting and motivating books in my life right now but this one was a pleasant surprise.  There are very sad moments in the book but I was more than moved by the power of caring.  Gregory Boyle has dedicated his life to God and Gangs in a very interesting combination.  I’ve never been super religious but find that I am definitely spiritual in a way that I believe in fate, compassion and things happening for a reason.

Gregory Boyle jumps into East LA to really take his best aim at uniting and giving purpose to gang members looking for a way out.  He talks about pivotal moments of change and patterns that start to become recognizable.  Also, he speaks of the power of love.  It’s amazing how when even the toughest guy from the projects gets told he’s important, he just starts to cry and begin to turn his life around.  It’s a hard but good book to read.  I found peace in the fact that we are only human and one person can make a huge difference in a lot of lives.  It’s also a quick read.  I read it on the train every day and in one week, I finished it.  So if you are looking for an inspiring and interesting book, pick this one up!

Happy Friday everybody and have a great weekend!