Travel Thursdays – Barbados!

17 Nov

Since I’m leaving for Hawaii tomorrow I thought I’d do an island Travel Thursday!  When I was in high school I met who would become one of my greatest friends, Sheena.  Her family was Bajan and were born/grew up on the island of Barbados.  Her family was kind enough to extend the offer to let me come to Barbados with them one summer and see the island.  It’s a very small island at only about 21 miles long and 14 miles wide.  Since her family was from there, they had a nice condo to stay that they used to live in when the island was their full time residence.  The condo’s backyard looked exactly like the following photo:

(Photo Cred)

(photo cred)

The condos also had a pool in between the building and the ocean so you could take your pick of where you wanted to cool off.  It was/is my definition of paradise to a tee.  You have to be very careful around town by yourself.  We didn’t go hardly anywhere on our own except in the ocean but there were many people swimming so we were safe.  The white sand was so soft and the water was so gentle, you could walk out a very long way before having to tread water.  Sheena and I even walked through the ocean to get to the market one day and carried what we bought on our heads for the walk back.

(photo cred)

Sheena’s Uncle also took us sailing around the entire island!  He has his own sailboat and it’s a family event to get everyone together for a sail while they are in town.  It was my first sailing experience and we stopped to snorkel around a sunken ship!  We also sailed by the rum factory where the ocean smells like rum.  It was an unreal experience that I’ll never forget.

(photo cred)

Her family also took us in jeeps across the island dirt roads to see the East side (other side) of the island.  Here the water is much rougher.  It’s still beautiful to see but you can tell this is where the big swells come from.

Barbados is a beautiful place to visit but make sure to check out extensively the area where you will be staying when planning a trip to this island.  It has some rough areas and I definitely recommend doing some good research before booking any hotels.  I don’t have any of my own pictures from my trip because I lost them when my computer crashed a few years ago but these pictures depict this place particularly well.  Recently, Sheena has moved back to the island herself so hopefully I can pay her a visit sometime soon and relive all the beauty of Barbados!

2 Responses to “Travel Thursdays – Barbados!”

  1. Sheena January 9, 2012 at 8:42 am #

    Britt! Please come back to visit! I would love love love that! 🙂

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