Flashback Friday! Music Edition

7 Oct

I’m one of those, what I like to call, repeat offenders.  When I like a song, I will play it on repeat for weeks until one day I discover another new song and then move on to repeating that one.  Needless to say, because of this repeat issue I have there are many songs that remind me of  certain times in my life and/or memories.  Here are 3 of them for this Friday.

Incubus’s Light Grenades album dropped in 2006 which was perfect timing for them to take off on a world tour.  They happen to be one of my all time favorites for their all encompassing creativity.  It just do happened that the tour date that was at one of my favorite venues (for this specific tour) fell on my 21st birthday.  So from that special night on, Incubus will forever remind me of young summers.  What a good feeling and I couldn’t have picked any better way to gain another year of wisdom 🙂  I’ll be seeing them again this Sunday.  It will be the first time since then and I couldn’t be more delighted that my work was nice enough to hook me up with the privilege!

Ahhh, this song will ALWAYS remind me of the days and nights I spent wandering the streets of London.  Such a beautiful song and I discovered it while I was living in London.  I put this song on repeat when I’d adventure the city on my own, meeting new people and seeing such new and exciting things.

This screams college at me.  I don’t know how I even found this band Small Sins, but I had more than one song of theirs on constant cycle cruising from class to class around campus. We also were lucky enough to have great musicians come through our campus and play.

In case you couldn’t tell, I’m a huge music fan.  It’s something that is priceless to me and can be a very unique and special experience to see a talented live performance.  I tend to share a lot of music on here and this won’t be my last music post : )


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