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Bon Iver = Mi Amor

22 Sep

The good thing about living in such a largely populated area filled with music lovers is that if you want to see a band and they are touring, they will come to San Francisco or the areas very nearby.  Tonight one of my most cherished, Bon Iver, is coming to the Greek Theatre which is one of the most amazing venues in the area.

I shot this photo of Band of Horses at the Greek Theater.  This is another one of my cherished bands.

(photo credit)

The lay out is stadium style seating in the Berkeley hills with the most incredible sound balance.  I also personally LOVE their lighting.  They have the most beautiful colors and timing.  Now it sounds like I’ve gotten all hoodoo voodoo on you but it’s definitely cool to see!

Bon Iver is slow soothing music.  You have to be in the mood for calming music to listen to their whole album but I listen to their latest album at work all the time.  I unfortunately won’t be able to make tonight’s Bon Iver show but thought I’d leave you with my favorite song of theirs just so I can pretend like I’m there tonight : )


Interesting visitors in the building

21 Sep

This has been quite the week of famous musicians and actors/actresses visiting my work building which always makes the day much more exciting.  One that I was surprised with was Jay Sean.  I wasn’t sure what to really expect but was pleasantly surprised with his visit.  He allowed our station to invite a bunch of his biggest fans and he serenaded them!  Just like this:

He really had a huge following and he sang to each and every one of his adoring fans looking them all in the eye and acknowledging them.  I’ve seen quite a few performances now from different artists and they all don’t have the confidence to command the stage like he did.  He also had a terrific voice!  After he sang three of his biggest songs, he took pictures with everyone and then had to move on out for JoJo to come in for her performance.  Yeah.. remember her?!?!  Pretty great.

Jay Sean, me and Chelsea

We also had the Footloose stars here this morning, Julianne Hough (also from Dancing with the Stars) and Kenny Wormald talking with our morning show – Fernando and Greg.

They were perfectly groomed and manicured for being so early this morning.  After they interviewed with Fernando and Greg, they are headed off on a world-wind of a press extravaganza at all the other media outlets in SF.

Other celebs in the building this week included: Seth Rogan and Jonah Hill.  It’s been a busy week here around work, you just never know who will be stopping in…

Clark, Betsy and their love for tennis balls

20 Sep

I am such a huge animal lover and I make no exception when it comes to my friend’s pets.  One of my closest friends Emily and her husband, Matt, have the most adorable Boston Terriers you will ever see.  They were down in the San Francisco area this weekend visiting so of course Ian and I had to go visit with them and see the pups.  I used to live with Emily and Matt in Lake Tahoe right before they got married.  At that point in time they only had Lord Clark Hamilton the third…. Or just Clark 🙂 (top left photo).  Before I would leave for the day to go snowboarding and after Em and Matt would head to work, little Clark would crawl under the covers with me and put his head on the pillow right next to mine.  It made my mornings, every morning.  Then when it was time to wake up, his little snorting breaths would increase as he’d hop up and jump rambunctiously around waiting for me to hopefully throw his beloved… tennis ball.  The only snuggle time you get with Clark is before you fall asleep or right before you get up for the morning.  Besides for those times his focus is strictly on the tennis ball.  I knew dogs loved these things but Boston Terriers take love a little over the line to obsession.  After I moved back to the San Francisco area, they got another Boston Terrier named Betsy to keep Clark company while Em and Matt were at work.  Betsy is so adorable but has joined Clark in his obsession with tennis balls.  Now they fight over the tennis ball and like energizer bunnies, chase each other endlessly in search of the ultimate “find” of the tennis ball.

This is how they look at the tennis ball when you hold it just out of reach.  Their attention span lasts for hours, I swear.  Once, we tied a tennis ball to the top of the stairs just out of reach and when we came back later that day Clark was still sitting right beneath it staring at it waiting for it to magically fall into his mouth.

This is where it gets good…  They also are avid swimmers.  Well at least Clark is and Betsy waits for him to bring the tennis balls back so she can love fight with Clark for the prize.

Here you can see it in his eyes… HA!  Since the tennis ball is almost as big as his jaws, he has quite the tough time actually wrapping his jaws around the tennis ball.  He bobs it a few times before locking it in to bring home to Betsy.

If Clark doesn’t reach it the first time, he launches back in to try again.

His extension is really remarkable.  Eye on the prize.  He is committed to getting that tennis ball 🙂

Finally Clark gets the ball and heads back to his girl Betsy.

She appreciates is but after all Clark’s work, Betsy is getting tired.  The two of them don’t easily tire but when they do, they are ready for a nap.

(This is Em’s photo)

Finally, at some point they do forget about the tennis ball and remember what’s most important to them.  Each other 🙂

More wedding photos

18 Sep

 Here’s Ian and I at my brother’s wedding:

The wedding was one of the most beautiful settings I’ve seen on Lake Tahoe.  Not to mention I had the best date to accompany me 🙂

Big group shot with Darrin’s entire family.

My nephew Luke and Nicole ❤

Love him, he’s the cutest little boy

The happy newlyweds and my mom.  It was truly a great wedding and I wish we could do it all over again!

My Saturday ride

18 Sep

I hadn’t been to the barn in about two weeks with all the wedding festivities so yesterday was my first day back and wow did it feel good to get back in the saddle.  I’m feeling the soreness today though.  You forget how many muscles you use riding (even though many who do NOT ride, beg to differ).  Today my back, shoulders, thighs and more are feeling the burn.  Above is a mare from my barn who I rode yesterday.  I took her out on the trail first to just get out of the arena.  If you ride dressage you know how much time you spend in a dressage court and how nice it can be to get out sometimes.  I’m spending today lounging and recovering but I’ll be back in the saddle on Tuesday 🙂  I’ll try to take some more photos then of the horses.  They are the most beautiful animal, I just can’t get enough.

I love modern

16 Sep

Here are some modern spaces I wouldn’t mind being in and around.

(Photo Cred)

(Photo Cred)

(Photo Cred)

I LOVE this interior space.  The cabinets all blend in and it’s just so clean looking.

(Photo Cred)

I’m pretty impressed with the over view of this work park/courtyard.

I don’t know what it is about modern art/architecture/design but I can’t get enough of it!

I’m on a boat!

16 Sep

Well OK not anymore but the thing is lately I’ve been grasping so tightly to any idea of summer that I put myself in aquatic settings whenever possible.  We got to go out on my grandpa’s boat last weekend in Tahoe and it was a wonderful time.  I often dream about being on a boat while I’m at work haha it sounds so silly but I just love water.  I love swimming, boating, floating, anything to do with water – count me in!

Leaving the harbor

Heading out!

View of the beach from the boat.
Me and my cousin Kari, reunited!

You get to see some of the most amazing Lake front properties from the water.  I would like to own one of these in the future.

The entrance of Emerald Cove.

Ian being Ian 🙂

My cousin and Uncle in from Iowa and Arizona!

Eagle nests on the Lake!  We didn’t see any eagles sadly but saw a ton of their nests, they are HUGE!

My other cousin, in from Iowa, and Darrin 🙂

The Viking Island.

This entire weekend was amazing.  I’m so happy for my brother and Liz.  I will post wedding photos soon!

Rachel Platten showcase for lunch?

15 Sep

Yesterday for our lunch time sneak peak, we had a new artist named Rachel Platten.  I am never really sure what to expect when we find out a new artist is coming in that I’ve never heard of but find that I’m always pleasantly surprised.  It’s so refreshing to see artist come in who are great performers and just know they are made to do this.  Rachel is one of those performers that really commands the stage with confidence and she’s funny, too!  She took 90’s rap and slowed it down with her soothing voice all while beat-boxing in between verses and playing piano.  It was a great example of new and fun talent.  She will be touring this Fall so if you like her music, try to catch one of her shows as you will most definitely be entertained.

Here she is rocking out on her piano.

She was very funny and had a very beautiful voice!  Oh yes, and did I mention how great my iPhone photos are… haha at some point I will get an up to date iPhone but until then… 🙂

Here is her single off her upcoming album:

Enjoy this sneak peak!

Meeks Bay – Lake Tahoe, CA

13 Sep

One of my favorite beaches in Lake Tahoe is on the West Shore and it’s called Meek’s Bay.  Ever since I was little my family took us here and parked their boat in the mom and pop harbor.  Can you say paradise??  A quiet Friday 🙂

It gets deep really fast.  When you are in a boat or on a kayak, etc. you can see all the way to the bottom.  It’s truly amazing.

The harbor.

I can’t wait to go back to this amazing place!

Tahoe Sunset

12 Sep


This weekend at my brother and Liz’s wedding there was the most phenomenal sunset!

Many, MANY more photos to come!