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New Apartment Reveal #1

18 Aug


As some of you may know, I’ve recently moved into my very own place!  It’s has been SO much fun to re-arrange, organize, and decorate the way that I want.  This is my very first place of my own so it’s all a new and exciting experience.  I’ll slowly unveil the new apartment because it’s still a work in progress but the first piece that I’m finally done organizing and satisfied with is my wonderful closet…  it’s made perfectly for all my clothing and hobby accessories!

I made a previous post about the outdoor lights on the sides of my closet because  I really do love this accent.

This is how my closet normally looks when I’m not hiding any disorganization with my folded doors closed 🙂

I frequently change around the middle shelves of my closet depending on what sort of week(s) I’m having.  Although, shoes are the only thing that will always fit no matter what mood you are in 🙂

My closet go esdeep back into both sides so it’s actually as big as the exterior wall you see in both of the first photos.  I like to pick out outfits and hang them on my doors for the next day.  It saves me a good 20 minutes in the morning, I kid you not…

To the backs of each side I keep my hobby things such as all of my horse clothing/boots and snowboarding/winter clothing.  These are also part of the seasonal rotation.

I love the interior lights in my closet.  I think it’s safe to say I’m tad crazy about organizing but I will say it’s a lot more fun when you have such a great closet to do so with!  It’s given me many ideas for when the time comes to build my own house someday.




Tyme for Tea

17 Aug


Just two weekends ago was my brother’s fiance, Liz’s, bridal shower at a place called Tyme for Tea in Fremont, CA.  Vicki threw the party for Liz and it was a “tea” time theme at a very cute tea house nestled in the cozy Niles downtown of Fremont.  Here are some pictures from the fun celebration = )

The adorable table decor!

The bride to be, Liz, is on the left!  Her mother (middle), Nancy, and sister (right) came up for the shower from Orange County for the weekend.  It was a great family weekend.

There are different set ups for event options but Vicki chose a wonderful option of a three course tea time which started out with these amazing home-made warm blueberry scones (with additional dressings of scrumptious flavors).

The second course was many different types of petite sandwiches.  From a fresh, crisp cucumber sandwich to a warm cheesy, artichoke sourdough bites, there were many great selections.

And alas, The third course… desserts!  The blueberry cheesecake confections were my favorite!  Believe it or not, I was SO full after these three little meals.  They were just the right amount of food.

Everyone was having such a great time catching up over tea and/or the most amazing peach champagne I’ve ever had in my entire life.

(Left to right) Pat, Liz, my mom (in the back), Haley, and Vicki!

The whole set-up was beyond cute.

The moms and Liz =)

Liz opened all of her wonderful presents before we ended our tea time.  This was definitely a GREAT idea for a bridal shower.  It’s a small enough setting that you can catch up with everyone but also sit and enjoy the treats.

After the shower, we went back to my parents house to rescue my “neglected” brother (aka groom to be).  He was happily drinking his great white out of a great white beer coozie and watching shark week.  The happy life of a soon to be married couple 🙂

Want a cute cube?

17 Aug

If you are tired of looking at the same ol’ boring cube, I have a cute quick fix!  It’s something I like to do to organize and have my cube not look so drab.  Whatever style you are into, it’s easy to do and really simple.  The steps to a cuter cube are below:

Step .1

 Pick 0ut your binder that you want out in the open.

Step 2.

Find the pattern or image you want to decorate with and print it out on an 8.5″ x 11″.  Cut or fold to fit the width of the binder.

Step 3.

Slide appropriate sized slip into binder spine.

And voila!  You have a new set up of cute binders =)

I’ve personally chosen a white lace pattern and a bright floral pattern for my cube.  What about you?

Different Eye for Art

15 Aug

Our fellow blogger, Joseph, has an incredible photo editing ability.  I really LOVED this photo of his and he was keen on my SF over-head shots so I said take the reins and make what you’d like of my photos from this previous post of mine.  What he came up with was absolutely brilliant.  Goes to show that different people are talented in so many different ways.  Below was his end result and make sure to check out his blog if you like these photos because he has many of his own creations there!


Riding off into the sunset?

15 Aug

People use the expression “riding off into the sunset” like it’s not a possibility but my Friday night at the barn was no ordinary ride.  Since I work all day, during the winter I never get to ride outside because the sun is already down by the time I get out to the barn.  Friday night however, the sun was still out when I got to the barn so I tacked up and headed down to our outdoor arena.  The sun started to set and I had to snap a photo because the sunset was so beautiful.  Here’s the photo that I got.

It was one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen.  All animals were out enjoying the nice night.

Another Addition to the Bucket List and why you should use AirBNB!

12 Aug

I’m constantly adding things to my bucket list and the other day I added travel to Costa Rica to the list!  It’s something I never really thought about but when a good friend mentioned it to me and how great it is I decided it need not be neglected from my life experiences.  The more I look into it, the more appealing it becomes.  How could I not want to go spend time surfing, riding horses, hiking waterfalls, swimming, and relaxing ocean side.  Or to even go spend some time on a working horse farm.  The possibilities are endless but now I know I want to go to Costa Rica : )

(photo cred and other good Costa Rica photos)

Another reason for sharing this specifically from my bucket list was to share an amazing travel website I’ve been perusing lately.  I have a really good friend who works for the San Francisco based company AirBNB which helps you find a more personalized experience on your travels.

AirBNB helps you find basically people’s homes to rent in destinations all over the world for MUCH cheaper than hotels and you typically get a kitchen, washer/dryer, etc.  Or you can book camp sites on the beach.  They have any and all options for accommodations.  On top of just accommodations, the people you choose to rent from will give you recommendations on great things/places to see, where to eat, and much more right near where you will stay.

You have the ability to connect with the people before you go so if you ended up not feeling comfortable you can just cancel.  I really can’t wait to utilize this newer company on my next travels!

Top 5 Reasons why Blogging is making the world a better place

10 Aug

I’ve only been a writer in this blog community for a short amount of time but I’ve had the most positive experiences with it.  I really do think it’s making this crazy world a better place for the following reasons:

1.  It’s bringing different cultures together from around the globe

Blogging really allows people from many different cultures and sub-cultures to share and relate to each other on similar topics.  People can connect through traditions they share or even favorite foods.  The world has a lot more in common than people tend to believe.

(photo cred)

2. Everyone is a journalist!

If it’s new and something I’ve never heard before, it’s news!  I love reading blogs where people cover real life issues from their perspective.  Articles like this show the rest of the world how the communities in the midst of such conflict are coping and/or feeling.

3.  Blogging expands your mind

I can’t even begin to explain how much I have learned from other people’s blogging!  From photo tips to good recipes, any new knowledge is good knowledge.  I even credit my new found enjoyment of writing to the blogging world.  I always loved writing concert reviews or book reviews but now my writing curriculum has expanded as well as my brain.

(photo cred and other awesome photos)

4.  It enhances your creativity

From the many how-to’s to just sharing simple decorating styles, there are so many ideas to bounce off of and create your own ideas.  People are putting things on their blogs specifically to share with other people.  It’s the mecca of creativity.  I’ve seen many inspiring blogs,like this one, that have sparked completely new and compelling ideas.

5.  Sharing is caring

If you are publicly publishing something you’ve written, you are sharing your thoughts and I’m reading them.  Everyone has there own tips about life, love, friendship, adventure, photography, etc.  I love the idea of this online database to search for info you are looking for or even stumbling upon something you weren’t looking for.

A photo I took last night in SF.

So to my fellow bloggers, keep blogging!  I’m enjoying every minute of reading your point of view : )

New Commitment

8 Aug

As a commuter in and out of San Francisco on a day to day basis, I made a decision in my groggy state this morning…  No more escalators or elevators!  Now this probably doesn’t seem like it would be too hard to do but on my commute I have to take at least 12 flights of stairs to accomplish this new task.

Why am I doing this?

I have a desk job which happens to be in an awesome industry but at the end of the day, I’m not any healthier because I sat at a desk for the day (with the exception of lunch time strolls : ) ).  I want to live a healthy life style and I find by committing to little things along the way (like taking stairs only) will help contribute to a happier life.  This might not work for everyone because they might not have big buildings or huge escalators to avoid but there are always little ways to improve your lifestyle for a healthier way of living!

(One of ‘my’ flights at BART)

Music to my ears

4 Aug

Yesterday just so happened to be my lucky day…

A few weeks ago one of my favorite Euro bands (in case you haven’t noticed a trend here in my music taste), the Kooks, came to Slims to play a show and I sadly had to miss it.  My good friend, Shannon, got to go and told me how amazing it was and I was oh so bummed that I didn’t get to catch the sneak peek of their new album, Junk of the Heart (to be release Sept. 9th).  I’d seen them play in 2008 (at my first ever as an employee for CBS radio) Live105‘s BFD which showcased their new album at the time, Konk, and also first album, Inside In/Inside Out.  Both incredible albums.  They always seem to write relate-able lyrics but leave you smiling.  Not to mention great instrumental harmonies.

As I prepared to step out yesterday to grab a bite to eat, my friends and I ran into a station employee bringing in a mic stand.  This is always a good sign.  We asked who was coming in and when he said the Kooks, I could have not been any more excited.  This was the best news I could have received about one of our lunch time serenades.  This one was special because Live105 picked some of the Kook’s biggest fans to come in and get to see the private acoustic set!  The fans could ask questions, take photos, and have such a special experience for their memories.  The Kooks were very nice to everyone and answered any and all questions asked.  They continued on to play a few songs off the new album (Junk of the Heart) and “Ooh La” from Inside In/Inside Out.  Here are a few photos:

Here are a few videos from their youtube so you can listen to some of my favorites:

Above is the newest single “Junk of the Heart.”

Above is an acoustic version of “See the Sun” that I really enjoy.

And of course… I LOVE “Sway,” my personal favorite if I had to pick.

It was an experience that I’ll keep in my Rolodex of great memories from my musical brain.  Now I can say I’ve seen them live with a full band and also acoustic.  Both well worth any money you could spend on a ticket to go see them!  They will be back at the Fillmore in November.  I know I will be there and if you’d like to come dance, you can buy tickets here. : )

Three special pieces

2 Aug

There are three very special pieces of jewelry to me that I wear constantly, practically every day unless I’m going swimming.  They are all very special to me and I happen to LOVE them.  Each piece came from very special people in my life so not only are they great accessories, they are great reminders of the amazing people I have in my life!

The very top thin bracelet is a bangle with hearts on it from my step mom, Vicki.  She got it for me to remind me how much my family continues to support me through life’s adventures.  It was a very sweet and a special present to me, not to mention incredibly cute.  Find other cute ones like it here.

The second piece is my new watch!  I’m so in love with this watch it’s ridiculous.  I love the look of big faced watches and especially gold, now that it’s summer!  My friends at work gave me a gift certificate for our favorite lunchtime jewelry perusing store, Jest Jewels, so that I could go find my perfect watch.  I’ve never worn a watch before!  Shocking but true.  It also has what looks like pearly shell detail on each link and the face.  I kept it a little big so that it sits on my arm more like a bracelet.  This reminds me of what amazing friends I’ve made in my new job and all the fun lunchtime adventures we go on together!

The last piece on the smallest part of my wrist is very special to me as well!  Ian’s amazing mom, Frida Waara, gave this bracelet to me knowing my love of horses and adventure.  She’s really got some incredible stories to share, like her recent trip to the South Pole! (You can read about it here!)  This piece has “Well behaved women rarely make history” engraved on it with horse shoes for good luck and my love of horses.   I will have to do an entire blog posting on this special woman some day soon, she’s really got some riveting stories to share with this world.  I adore the specialized bracelet she got me!

These three bracelets are my absolute favorites and constants.  All are very special and did I mention cute?!  I wear them lounging, to work, to go out and many other places : )