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Best view of SF I have ever seen

8 Jul

Flying home from Oregon, I was lucky enough to catch one of the coolest sunsets over San Francisco.  With the fog rolling in, I thought these pictures perfectly captured San Francisco for what it’s known for… being beautiful and foggy a majority of the time 🙂

The Golden Gate Bridge being covered in a sheet of fog.

Here you can see the fog starting to blanket the city.  It creeps in from the coast at night.  I love this view.

The fog rolling over the Golden Gate.

Getting closer to the top

8 Jul

Here’s a closer view of the very top of Mt. Hood.  We drove up to Timberline Lodge so I could visit and see it.  We always come up to Timberline Lodge when I visit Ian at camp because I love the view from up there.  You can see large peaks in the distance in different directions.  It’s really cool to see.

You can see one peak in the top left of this photo in the far distance.  So beautiful at sunset here. 

More from my time in Oregon

8 Jul

I love the drive up to Mt. Hood from Portland.  You can see the glacier from a lot of different points along the drive.  I have so many pictures of it because it always looks so amazing.

Getting closer on the drive up!

Although he doesn’t share my picture hobby, he’s nice enough to pull over and let me indulge.

My first trip to Trillium Lake.

Us 🙂

The cool wood planked pathways to and around Trillium Lake.  I thought these were really cool!



Summer at Mt. Hood- Fourth of July weekend

6 Jul

I just got back from an amazing weekend in Government Camp, OR and Bend, OR for the fourth of July.  I have so much to update but here are two photos from the weekend to get me started.

Trillium Lake, OR.

Sunset up at Timberline Lodge.

Alice’s Summerthing 2011

1 Jul

There was an amazing set up for Alice’s Summerthing this past Sunday at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.  The weather turned out to be incredible and the park filled up fast with over 20,000 people to create the largest Summerthing turnout to date!  I love working for a company that can make 20,000 people show up and leave feeling like they had the best Sunday they could have had.  Above is a shot of the stage from pretty close up.

The crowd went so far back it was crazy.  As far as you could see there was a huge crowd of people.  There were so many that they trickled onto the hilly sides and even up into the trees!

Here is Parachute performing up close and personal with the crowd.  You might recognize them from previous blog posts as they have come into my work before and did a special lunch time performance for us.  They have such a beautiful sound and a personal show.  They will be going on tour with Michelle Branch and the Goo Goo Dolls soon!

Of course, we are always creating fun times together 🙂  We are missing Rani in this photo though!!  We took this before she got there.

Oh good morning!

Jen and I during Matthew Nathanson, a San Francisco singer songwriter with an amazing voice.

The event was a huge success and Alice 97.3 has an AMAZING team that put on seamless events.  I can’t wait for Now and Zen at the end of summer!