The Poor Man’s Latte

22 Jun

I have the coffee addiction that I think the rest of the working world shares.  On those mid-week mornings that can be hard pulling through with the motivation that I started with on Monday, I look to coffee to be a happy thought and surge of energy.

Any coffee place in San Francisco charges well over $3 for a latte which adds up by the end of the month.  I just learned this helpful tip from a family member and some may call me cheap but I call it a good deal 🙂

This tip works at any coffee place where they have a milk bar (they also usually keep creamers, sugars, stir sticks, etc. in the same area).

You can order a double espresso over ice in whatever size cup you’d like.  Then you just take it over to the milk bar and fill with the appropriate amount of milk!  You will save about $2 each time doing this! Simple enough and economically efficient for the caffeine addicted.

It’s the little things in life, right? 🙂

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