How To- On the Go Fast Easy Hairstyle

20 Jun

I seem to always be on the go and am always throwing my hair back in the same pony tail or messy bun.  I finally found a new on the go solution that is also great for the summer weather that has finally hit!  This take about 3 minutes to do and it really wrangles my wild hair.  It’s basically half of a french braid so it keeps your hair out of your face but still let’s some hair down.

Here is what my hair started like…

Step 1.  Section off a small portion of hair from the top front pieces.

Step 2. Start a braid with weaving just 2 or 3 pieces to begin with.

Step 3.  Pull pieces from the sides of your face to inter-mingle with your loose braid.  This helps the braid look consistant.

Step 4.  Braid down as many layers as you’d like.  I went about 3 or 4 layers down making sure to not pull it tight but leave it a little bit messy to match the pieces I left down.

Step 5.  Once your done braiding, you can put a rubber band in and be on the go.  I do this to my own hair in about 3 minutes or less.  It’s perfect for being out in the sun because it pulls your hair back but allows you to still put a hat on if needed for sun protection.  It also keeps you much cooler on a hot day.

The final product!


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