SF pics from last week

13 Jun

Sometimes I get so wrapped up in where I’m going, I forget to recognize the area that I’m wandering.  I love when I look up and see the light hitting buildings perfectly like the picture above.  This was around 5pm and what I also love about this building is the way it was built.  So symmetrical but modern, I really have a fascination for architecture.  It’s something that I seem to always notice in new places.

Here’s another building but I don’t even think this one looks like a building because of the windows.  I’d love to go to the top floor of these buildings and see their views.  I can only imagine how amazing they would be.

Some co-workers and I went to the Trademark one day after work.  It is in the cutest corridor (pic below) and really made me feel like I was back in Europe!  They people who work at the restaurants try to sell you on their restaurant and reel you in.  A co-worker of mine suggested this place and it was a great spot to enjoy the city.  I took the first photo of this post from the same spot as well.  You can sit in this corridor and just look up at the beautiful concrete monsters that surround you.

Here is part of the corridor lined in umbrellas.  There are about four or five restaurants in this tiny block corridor.

After stopping in the corridor, we continued on through the streets.  There are so many florists that line the streets and the flowers are always so pretty I have to stop and smell them.  Even though the weather has been crazy, it sure has brought some BEAUTIFUL flowers this year!

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