Houghton/Hancock trip with my main squeeze

6 Jun

While I was in Michigan, Ian and I took a day trip to Houghton and Hancock.  The two cities sit on opposite sides of a river so they are really close together.  It was just beautiful up there though.  Here are some photos from our trip together.

The draw bridge over the two cities.  The lighting was very cool on this day and the weather was interesting.  It was very warm but windy and while we were there we found out there were tornado warnings for our drive home!  It was very eerie but led to some really cool lighting with the storm clouds.  You will be able to see more in the next photos.

The cute main street in Houghton.

The storm really started rolling in.

Down town.

The bridge to Hancock, again.

Across the river was the ski hill!  Houghton is most known for the Northern Tech University that lines the streets with it’s beautiful buildings.

Then Ian and I went to “the Library” for dinner which was great.  We split a sushi roll for an appetizer that was very good because they have Sushi Tuesdays!  Of course, no trip could happen without an ulterior motive on Ian’s part and that motive….

Ian’s new car!

I just love these men =)!


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