What to do on a long layover in an airport

30 May

I have been to a lot of different airports in my time and somehow there’s no avoiding a long lay over every now and then.  When traveling by yourself it’s key to pack light enough or check your bags so you can really have some freedom to move around on long layovers.  Some things that I have found to be entertaining to pass time by in a new place I have listed below:

When walking around the main areas of the airport, don’t forget to look up or around you!

Every airport has some sort of structures, fountains, and/or something really unique to separate it from the others.  In the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport I noticed they had HUGE unique skylights around the different terminals.

  Take a walk around on the moving walk ways!  You can cover much more ground and know you will make it back to your gate in the same amount of time.

Take a ride on the trains if the have them.  The architecture on the outside of airports is usually pretty unique as well.  Riding the trains allows you to see more of the outside of the buildings without having to go outside and pass through security which can be an unpredictable amount of time.

Here are some interesting over-hangs outside the Minneapolis airport.

  The end of the train line.  They might not all go full circle but not to worry.  If they don’t they will just go to the end of the line and then head right back in the other direction.

Sit by a window!  There are usually windows in airports that directly look out on all the runways so you can watch all of the planes taking off.

These are some entertaining, time consuming things that could keep you entertained in an airport.  Just make sure to be keeping your eye on the monitors so that you can keep track of any time or gate changes for your next flight.  If you feel confined to your gate, you can also always update your blog with the wi-fi that all airports have 🙂



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