Family Heirloom?

25 Apr

Where to start…  My father has always had a connection with animals that are not your average pet.  Needless to say, was I surprised when he bought a tortoise that is going to live over 100 years old and be up to 200 lbs?  No.  Was I surprised to learn that this tortoise will be passed down to me and then my children someday? YES!  I have always thought about what a neat animal this Tortoise is but imagining having this Tortoise my entire life??  I’m just starting to adjust to this idea and thought I’d share my future heirloom with all of you.

Meet big Al.  The little statue next to him is the size he was when my dad got him a year ago.  He was originally named Alice because only a vet can sex a tortoise when they are young.  We just assumed he was a girl back in those days but little did we know, throughout time, the tortoise is actually a boy haha so his name is now Al.

Here is my dad and his prized possession.  He literally loves this tortoise and is excited for the day when this tortoise is too large to lift.

I had a hard time grasping the reality that this thing is going to be mine some day and is going to be larger than a pet should be.  In order to try to embrace my future pet, I decided to ask my dad for more information and he had the idea to take Ian and I to a tortoise reserve.  At this reserve, there are many full grown tortoises.  Here is the size of what Al is going to be in a few years:

The man who owns this tortoise facility, gets them from all over.  People will just drop off tortoises that have out grown their home or injured tortoises.  He then nurses them back to health and gives them a great tortoise friendly home.  People can also adopt from here.  These two above were huge!  We asked how much weight they could hold and he just stepped right on top of one of them while it kept walking.  The horse riding side of me of course wanted to hop on.  Ask and you shall receive…

The tortoise would keep walking while we sat on top.  They must be able to hold an extraordinary amount of weight.  Our tortoise grows like crazy and I’ll update photos every 6 months or so, so that you can see this over sized turtle develop.  Until then, here are some more photos.

This photo was taken today, on Easter Sunday.

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