Looking for a summer outdoor adventure??

21 Apr

Last summer I went on the most amazing trip to Whistler, Canada.  There are the most amazing hikes there and some of the most UNREAL scenery.  I am trying to figure out where I can go this summer but in the mean time, maybe some of these photos will inspire some of you to go to one of the most beautiful places in the world for a summer get away!

Here I am at Green Lake.  It’s about a half hour to an hour walk on guided trails from the Blackcomb village.

There was this dock area for the scenic sea plane rides.

Another plane with quite the back ground.

One of the most breathtaking things you can do in Whistler is taking the gondola up to the top of the peaks and hike around all of the trails.

The scariest chairlift ride ever!  But well worth it once at the top, the views were incredible.

The very op of the peak at Whistler.

The family at the top together.

Going down!

This hike was truly unreal!  After hiking around we did the peak to peak experience which was riding the world’s highest/longest unsupported gondola in the world… I’ll update those pics soon so that anyone planning on going to Whistler can see all of the fun that is to be had there!


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