13 Apr

This past Sunday in San Francisco there was an event called the Thread Expo.  There were vendors from all over with some really unique designs in clothing, accessories, and shoes.  My personal favorite was a company called Favala.  They had the brightest colors and really got me excited for the warmer end of Spring and the beginning of summer.  Not to mention when I saw a clutch I wanted had just sold, the designer hand made me one right then and there!  Here are some of the colored clutches that I loved so much:

I’m such an ’80s person, anything neon and bright I gravitate towards.  I ended up buying black in the end because all of the colors were so great I had such a hard time choosing which one I wanted.  They also had swimsuits in these colors and beautiful dresses.

Here is the designer hand making my clutch 🙂  And you can’t beat the prices, this tailored clutch was under $10, talk about great deal!  You should definitely check out her designs at

Just a little peek at what the exhibit looked like.  It was bigger than this but this gives you an idea.  It was on the fourth floor of the Metreon and had an amazing roof top deck.  Definitely worth checking out if Thread comes to your city!


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