Spring Love

11 Apr

This weekend my step brother got married at the most beautiful venue.  The bride and her family/friends also creatively made a large percentage of all the wedding decorations.  As always, I was snapping photos.

Here was the venue.  On the property there were a few houses like this but this specific one was where their reception was held.

I always love getting to catch up with family.  Here’s three generations together (my step mom, my step-sister in law, and my nephew).  My nephew is seriously the happiest, sweetest baby.  His name is Luke and he was such a trooper staying up through the entire reception laughing and playing.

The floral arrangements they made themselves!  Such a great idea, the bride wanted to make her own bouquet and they also made all of the center pieces and other bouquets.

The reception area.

The bride and groom leaving the altar.

The groomsmen and groom before the wedding.

Just the cutest!

Brothers, although my lens wasn’t all the way clean at this point and I wish the photo was a tad clearer.

The real photographers 🙂

Bride and Groom 🙂

Jackson, my step cousins baby who is also such an amazingly good baby.  And soooo cute, Jackson and Luke kill me with their cuteness.

First dance ❤

Father/Daughter dance!

Mother/Son dance!

The delicious cake!

Dad and I 🙂

Sooo many more pictures still, will upload more tomorrow night.

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