Another Rainy Day

25 Mar

The rain hasn’t stopped in a long time now.  I don’t really mind the rain but the wind has been so strong these past few days along with the rain, makes for an interesting walk to work.  Today the streets were strewn with abandoned umbrellas everywhere that had flipped themselves inside out.

It was the kind of wind and rain where you just brace yourself the entire time walking against it.   The water really accumulated throughout the area as well.  This planter was full to the top!

I know everyone is complaining about all the rain but I can’t wait for hopefully one of the most beautiful Spring times ever.  The colors are going to be so vibrant, I can’t wait.

I have a really good rainy day DIY Home Decor project coming up for my blog, I just need time to photo the process 🙂  Hopefully this weekend, I’ll get it up for anyone who wants something fun to do indoors this weekend!

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